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We had a really good day.

Wandered around petsmart for a while, picked up a brush for cai, and some sort of powder shampoo that's supposed to make her smell better. We put her up on the kitchen counter, brushed her out really good, then applied the powder and brushed that in. I swear that we brushed enough hair off that cat to make another cat. Roho took a couple of pictures to finish off his roll of film, so as soon as those are developed, we'll post 'em somewhere.

My dad sent me s'more pictures that they took on their trip, including this picture.. which I'm not sure why they sent. That's my younger brother, Matt, by the way. I must say, he's cleaned up to look pretty good. I'll have to see if I can get any of his... younger... pictures. :>

Anyways. I think the longer more dull update of my day will have to wait until tomorrow.

It's nightnight time for good (and bad) kitties.

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