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Erf. Today has been.. a less than ideal day.

I get to work and am greeted with a call from HP wanting to know who is running a specific call. Pretty routine, til I pull up the call and discover that it's sitting in the queue of one of our managers. Managers don't run calls. Technicians do. I do a bit of research and notice that the call is in Little Rock. The manager whose queue it's in is based out of New Mexico. The name of this manager was NOTHING like the name for the Little Rock manager. I have yet to figure out what twisted sort of logic she had to put the call there.

So I move it to the appropriate person, inform the HP rep that it was dispatched incorrectly by a trainee, that I've fixed the problem, and that I'll make sure the technician runs it today. Noted everything as I needed and wrote a note for RB and put it on her desk. She came over, we discussed it.. and she said she'd be more careful.

Of course, my boss was called. So she comes over and starts chewing on me. I have to sit with RB this evening because she is continually making mistakes with dispatching the calls. Normal mistakes, I can handle. But all of hers... you just gotta wonder WTF she's thinking? We had a critical message come through for someone in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. (That's up by Irvine and San Bernadino) She paged it out to San Diego. WTF?! And when San Diego told her to move it, she did page it to the correct place, but then when the ce calls in, she tells him it's something else, so he doesn't get the message.

She's not paying attention. At all. I don't know what she's doing over there.. surfing the web, picking her nose, whatever, but she's not giving her job the slightest bit of her attention. I left a second, rather nasty note on her desk, because I'm getting mighty tired of having MY ass chewed on because of her carelessness.

She came back from lunch and hasn't said anything about the note I left... but I do see that she's getting the 4h calls out. I hope to god she's paging the oncall folks.

Roho mentioned my share of the treadmill this morning, so I whipped out pencil, paper, and a calendar to figure out how much money I'd have by the end of next month, which is our deadline. Well... according to my figures, I had nearly $900 left over AFTER paying my share, and that didn't look right, so I went over it again. And again. And a third time.. and that number looks way too high still. Although I just tallied up the weeks between now and Aug 27 (the last payday of the month) and I'll be bringing home nearly $3000 in those 7 weeks. My monthly expenses run about $1000 for rent and monthly bills... not counting outstanding debts, so I suppose it's not surprising that I'd have so much left over. So financially, I'm sittin *real* pretty. I need to email my mom and see if the deal we usually had for their visits is still standing. Before, whenever they'd come visit, they'd knock $40 off the debt I owe them for every night they spent. Since they stayed a week this time, that'd knock a pretty chunk off. ;> I may not ask though.. they don't have much in the way of money.. not like I can pay the debt off anytime soon. :p

I've decided that instead of getting more clothing, I'm going to go ahead and invest in art supplies. Pick up some tumps (I think that's what they're called..) some white ink, some mattings, and some higher quality printer paper to try and do my own prints. I'm also debating giving myself a treat by getting my nails done. I've never had them done before, and I really like the way Aynjel's looked. I'm used to seeing grotesque claws, and I didn't realize that you could get them shorter and more natural looking.

Lately I've been giving a lot more thought to my appearance... and have been trying my best to improve it. Taking better care of my clothes, trying to take better care of my skin, losing weight, better care of my hair and teeth... you get the idea. I've decided to try a different deodorant, since the spray I use is 1) horrible to use because of it's nature as an aerosol (Roho once mentioned that Snark is probably hacking and coughing every time I use it) and 2) I always have to reapply it at night, because it doesn't last. Now I don't mind reapplying deodorant so I don't stink all night, but.. when I put it on, I do expect it to last through my workday, and not have myself sniffing then unobtrusively clenching my arms to my sides around lunchtime. :p

I'm pondering stopping tonight for some groceries.. just little things, really... I want to pick up a greenbox pizza because it's something out of the ordinary, and I'm ravenously hungry... so I'll probably go ahead and pick up deodorant and a new razor while I'm at it. Men, I have decided, cannot fully comprehend the bliss that is freshly shaved legs sliding into a pair of jeans/sweats. You guys enjoy our silky legs when they're rubbing against you, but the sensation is intensified for us. :> *purrr* ANYWAY. I also want to pick up some decent lotion for my desk at work, since I've just about used all of what was in my little Jergens sampler. My skin seems to dry out very easily in this northern climate, so I use a lot of it.

In other news, the bleeding seems to have finally stopped for good. I figure this is because the Depo is on its way out of my system (I would have had to refresh the shot on Monday), and while I'm picking up things, I may as well fill my Orth Novum prescription so I'll be a safe kitty. And um... I'll probably need to pick up more feminine items, since I went through a good bit over the past month. I think I'm definately going to invest in the Keeper from Luna Pads because it's just so darned cool! That's for the future though. I don't want to spend all that money right yet.

It's kind of hard to believe that the week is nearly over. Just... 10 hours and 20 minutes left til weekend bliss. Rob invited Roho and I to the Renfaire this weekend, but I think we're going to pass. The idea of a relaxing weekend with just us, or perhaps luring feren out to have dinner with us and watch movies. Much as I adore many of our friends, there are very few that I feel so comfortable around that.. I just enjoy them whenever. Even when I'm not in the mood for company. Thank you inkblot for being such a good buddy. *smootch* Roho also mentioned that a friend of his (and his lovely wife) are moving fairly close to where we're going to be living in just 2 short months. This is definately a bonus! They're evidently also moving the last of their things up from Champaign this weekend, and I have to say that I am quite relieved that he didn't volunteer us to help.

Work has slowed down from a crawl to a complete halt, so now RB is able to keep up with things. I think the second note must have been a real eye opener, since she's behaving and seems to be performing her job function admirably. Which is good. Unfortunately, this leaves me with nothing to do for the next hour and a half. Bleh. Maybe I'll log into Three Kingdoms and goof off for a while.

Until later.

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