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what a day!

Work was (as usual) fairly uneventful.. just the usual. RB is doing much much better on her own... still a few mistakes, but I don't have to watch her like a hawk anymore. Supposedly, I'm supposed to teach KT how to do what she's doing tomorrow and get her started on pages... I get the impression I'm going to show KT once.. he's going to pick it up fairly easily, and I'll spend the rest of the week beating RB over the head. Ah well.

Dinner with Aynjel was much much fun. I wish she lived closer.. I adore her online, in person she's just as much fun if not more. We went to Mickey Finn's and ate too much, then came home and sampled calloni? I probably have the name wrong..

Anyways.. Bren went to take her home.. then called me about 20 minutes ago to let me know there was a huge accident that really delayed them, and that he had just arrived and was leaving right then.

I shall have to tease him about utilizing the mirror over the bed in her hotel room when he gets home.

(And I love the fact that I can tease him and know that the thought never crossed his mind.. ahh.. I'm such a lucky woman. *purr*)

I've spent the subsequent hour chatting with old friends and actually sketching.

I finished up a few things, scanned a few others...

New art is entitled Huntress... I was going for a Diana/Artemis feeling.. and I have all ideas the deer will disappear in the final version.

Older art that was never uploaded, Elevator Butt will be making an appearance at MFF in colour, and will hopefully sell.

and I think I'm going to go surf the web for a while.. try and keep myself awake. :>

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