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Well, I finally got my commission work done.. sent it off and wait for approval or changes.

This is definately an improvement over the first draft, so hopefully she won't ask for many changes. Hopefully.

Woke up early this morning, remembered that Roho had to go in early, then dozed fitfully til he left. Whenever he's not in the house somewhere I sleep poorly, so I went ahead and got up and took my medications and have spent the last hour working on the commission.

Truly exciting stuff, isn't it?

Yesterday at work was dull- A bit slow. I worked with RB on training issues, and while she's still acting like a jerk, she's at least making the effort to do her job right. She almost took off for lunch again without telling me, but I caught her and asked where she was going.

I'm not sure what's so hard about that. "Hey soandso. I'm going to lunch. Back me up, willya?" if they're on the phone, scribble out a little note, put it under their nose, wait for a nod, and hey, you're off!

She did offer to get me an ice cream cone though.. she was stopping at Baskin Robbins on her way back from lunch and called it an apple for the teacher. Tempting as it was.. I declined. Go me. ;)

Annnyway. I think I'm going to try and nap. Still sleepy, and we're going out with Aynjel tonight, so I'll probably be up later than usual.

Oh yah. We watched Rat Race last night. The movie really surprised me. It was funny, cute, and not as cheesy as I was expecting. Not one I particularly long to see again, but.. worth the rental.

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