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There's a substance that looks very much like blood tracked all over the bottom of Roho's closet and smeared on the wall, with a very large glob not far from the bed. It wasn't there when we went to bed last night, and I can't find a scratch on Cailet. The only clue is that she got her collar off again, and she smells particularly stinky today.

She's fixed, so I know she's not going into heat.

I'm hoping woolite will get that out of the carpet. *sigh*

Yesterday was, as mentioned, quite uneventful. We woke up, lazed around in bed cuddling for a while (I love waking up on the weekends.. we both have time to wake up slowly and be romantic and stuff), then got up and tried to start the day. I went ahead and did my walk early to get it over with, then sprawled out downloading the Shrek soundtrack from IRC. After showers, we threw in potatoes to bake, had a delicious lunch, then puttered with the computers for a while. I found no cd patches for both Civ and Neverwinter Nights, both of which seem to be working just fine.

After that, it was decided that it was time to do laundry, and when I mentioned that I needed to return the shorts I bought on the 4th, we decided to utilize the building's laundry room rather than go to the laundromat. Poor Roho got stuck with doing most of it, since I um... saw other things I wanted in the store and took my time about picking them out. I spent more than I wanted to, but... I have two really nice blouses for work now, and a skirt, and new things to wear around the house as well. So the money was well spent.

Came home and finished up laundry.. then ordered pizza for dinner... mmrr.. dominos... it was delicious! Watched the Simpsons for a bit, then I worked on the commission.

I've decided to wait on scanning for a little longer... going to finish fleshing out the characters, then sketch in the background. I have the female pretty much done, I think. I just need to draw her costume, and with the way she's sitting, that's not going to be difficult. She's got prelim inking done as well. I think the pose works extremely well, and if the buyer doesn't like it... I'll probably keep the piece for myself. so nyeah. Not many people draw sexy femme bats and that might sell at a con or something. we'll see.

So now my wonderful weekend is over, and I have to go back to work. Meh. I haven't finished the training materials, will probably work on that some this morning and try and finish it off before 1pm when RB and KT get to work. I really really hope that RB behaves herself, and that this is all just a matter of bad training. I do NOT want to go back to the 1pm-9:30 shift. Of course, getting RB straightened out will likely doom me to be the trainer for the duration of my time at ARC. Oh well.

Whelp, Roho has been sent off properly to work, and woolite is soaking into the carpet stains. Now, it's time to attack the bathroom. Will write more later if I have time.

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