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Some people..

This morning I found out my 5 year old neice pulled a board with a nail in it down on herself. The nail went into her right eye. She's been through emergency surgery (they postponed her father's surgery because of it) but it'll be a few weeks before the doctors will know the full extent of the damage.

What kind of mother (or father) for that matter, leaves boards with nails laying around where their small children can pull them down on themselves??

Their father I can somewhat understand being distracted- He is undergoing a lot of painful therapy for an accident he had back in December. But their mother.... there is NO excuse.

Sometimes I really wish my parents would do as they've discussed and offer to take the three girls permanently. Much as I love my brother, I have to question his suitability to be a father. I know the bitch he married isn't fit to take care of a pet, much less a child.

Anyway. Those of you that believe in prayer... please include Erin Pontiff in them. A child that young doesn't deserve to be punished for the stupidity of her parents.


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