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Where has my weekend gone?

Gah. Saturday night. The last three days have flown by... don't really want to go back to work on Monday.

Today has been the most relaxed and wonderful day.... did my walkies while roho fixed lunch (soup and grill cheese sammiches. num), then hopped into the shower for a nice long luxurious bath. I'm beginning to see what the attraction is to the whole haircare thing, and finding that using the nice shower gel rather than plain ole soap can be quite nice sometimes. Mmm. and the joy that is freshly shaved legs. Ahh.. divine.

Okay. Today was a girlie day. I spent a good bit of time shaving, washing, and just primping. Lotion after the shower and everything, wahoo! (And yes, I know this is TMI for everyone. Don't read. :p)

After that, we spent the day playing computer games. I lost yet another Civilization game (Mostly because I was bored to tears, so attacked the wrong people and oops, I got squished. Oh well) and started up a few more... we went out to get Taco Bell for dinner, brought that home and promptly devoured, with one of the Skinny Cow fudge bars to top off the calorie chart for the day.

We goofed around some more with the computers, and I started getting restless, so went and scrubbed the kitchen. The bathroom needs it worse... I'll probably attack that tomorrow if I get antsy again, otherwise it'll get done sometime next week.

I've noticed that when I start getting broody, if I can find something mindless to do that doesn't require a lot of concentration, I sort through things quickly and start feeling a lot better. I need to remember that next time I'm on the edge.

I did have a rather important little... realization... epiphany.. whatever... this weekend. I have always been a little... paranoid.. in my relationships. I've always leaned towards the smothering side, and I've always felt like I liked people more than they liked me. As I've gotten older, gone through the high school hazing, ect, the tendency to trust people... well... it was definately not there. :p Then... well.. the two times in my life that people I really cared about really screwed me over.... I didn't know it was coming. So now I have.. this issue, I suppose. I'm constantly afraid that something is wrong and that people don't want to hurt my feelings by telling me. I think all of my friends know that I prefer honesty rather than let things go to the point of no return. Hopefully this is something I can get under control, as I know Roho's tired of hearing me constantly ask if he's okay. ;)

Something neat did happen, though. Roho mentioned the other day when we were talking that sometimes he thinks I can read his mind. I thought this was really cool because...well... the idea of being able to anticipate his wants and needs is very appealing to me.

But I'm just odd like that.

We've spent the evening playing computer games and watching movies.... First the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles DVD, and now Pulp Fiction is on for noise.

I think we need to get Trainspotting back from whomever we loaned it to... I want to see that one again. Mmm. Ewan McGregor.

Well. Foxy's making noises about bedtime, so I suppose it's time for me to head out.

G'nite folks!

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