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Yesterday was interesting, in an odd sort of way.

The entire company was gearing up for the vacation time, so things were pretty quiet around the office. We had some heavy traffic on the phones that made life interesting, but as far as new calls went, it was fairly low key.

The high point of the day was when our link to HP went bottoms up. Usually we receive a steady stream of new tickets from HP. There's a little status bar on the bottom of our software screen that tells us when the most recent ticket was received. Any time it's been more than 30 minutes (peak time. In the evening, we don't receive much), we have a HP outage, and have to start dispatching the tickets by hand.
IE, we have to call HP, let them know we're not receiving anything, have them check their end, call our IT department, have them check OUR end, and accept all urgent tickets via fax.

HP, of course, thinks all of their issues are urgently urgent. Yesterday we were down for about 40 minutes. Right as it was called to my attention, we came back up. HP was calling us and demanding our fax number to send things over... even though we were up and running. CH kept asking if we could accept faxes, and I took great pleasure in telling him where HP could stick it.

People that think that their problems are more important than everyone else's really annoy me, and just to spite them, I usually work on their issues last. After I clean the toilets and run out of other useful things to do. A lot of the Case Specialists at HP (their helpdesk that creates the tickets and sends them over to us) are so wrapped up in their own self importance that they can barely get their heads through doorways. 'I work exclusively with Majorpainintheassclient01! I'm so special!' Yeah. They can wait to find out how to change their windows password, bucko. We have a netserver on fire in ohio. Learn to prioritize.

That's not to say that I don't sympathize with some of the clients we have to work with- Something happened with one of our major clients (that deals with us directly, not through HP), where they wanted a technician to come out, set up an office (set the monitor on the desk and make sure there was network connectivity), and do a bit of user training. The dipshit goes out to site and tells the client that 1) He can't stay long as he has another contract to go to, then 2) He doesn't know what the hell he's doing, so he's got to call their helpdesk. *sigh* Heads will roll over that one, I imagine. We don't have very many independant clients from HP. HP is our bread and butter. However... the old adage 'don't put all your eggs in one basket' is true. The company is trying to get more and more business through other means. We're pretty much a phantom company. When we go to site on a HP client, we are HP technicians. When we go on another client, we assume their name. Telling a client that they have to be somewhere else.... is a major faux pas. We want all our clients to feel like THEY are the only ones we work for. And none of them know about the others. That tech is a moron.

But anyways. I digress. I chatted with Rob a bit more about EQ, Neverwinter Nights, and other MMORPGs we've both played. We discovered a mutual interest in anime, and he invited roho and I over this weekend to watch the entire series of Record of Lodoss War. *twitch* That... is an anime I really want to see. He said he picked it up for $60 on Amazon, so when I have some spare spending cash again (IE next year sometime) I will definately have to look for that!

I talked to KT a bit more about art... he ended up giving me a business card and said he knew of some publications I could submit artwork to. Personally, I think I need much more practice before I could go into professional illustrations, but.. all they can do is tell me no, right? But right now, I have to finish the commission I'm working on... and that is in my ToDo list for the weekend.

It's really really cool that I have two people at work now that I have so much in common with. Now that NH is gone, everyone in the office seems more friendly, less artificial. Maybe it was just her blonde bimboish attitude (yes, I was jealous. She was gorgeous. I am not. Now leave me be.) that had everyone behaving the same way, or maybe now I just feel more comfortable in being outgoing and friendly with my coworkers. I dunno, but I like the new work attitude.

As I mentioned before, Judy let us know that RB will be back on Monday. RB's excuse for walking out was family problems, and Judy said that she had gotten them resolved. Personally, I think her husband has something to do with her coming back, but.. oh well. After training Kirt, I have a better idea of what to do as far as trainings and such, and I have written up more thorough training documentation that might help. I realized yesterday while talking to CH that part of RB's problem might have been that NH didn't... train... her. They just sat around and chatted about girly things and acted stupid. Why should NH care? She was going to be gone in a week. Anyway, hopefully with all this new very thorough documentation, RB will do her job the way it should be done. If she doesn't, then I know it's because she's a twit and not because of inadequate training. I figure if she sees packets of training information on everyone's desks, she'll feel less like it's directed at her, and maybe will pay more attention to the contents. That's the hope, at least. I know KT doesn't need any of this stuff. His third day on the job, and he's already on his own on the phones. I was so proud. ;)

Buuuut anyway. I'm still working on getting all the training information updated. I accidentally left my folder of things to be typed down in the truck, so I need to go get that in a few minutes. There's a couple of documents I'm writing up from scratch that go into a bit more detail on procedures and put them in layman's terms rather than the dry dusty paperwork they hand out to new hires. I figure if RB can't follow these directions, then she really seriously has a literacy problem. :p

I'm also working on another project that I haven't yet discussed with Judy- I want to send out messages to our leads and Field Managers to make sure our information is as up-to-date as possible. I know the leads for several areas has changed a good bit, and they don't always notify us of changes. So a nice note to the Field Managers confirming who their leads are, and a note to the leads asking for technician territories will hopefully bear much fruit in getting things organized.

This kind of thing is what I truly excel at. It usually takes a bit of motivation for me, but organizing and so forth is something I truly enjoy. It's just the coolest feeling when you have things set up in such a way that anyone can do them. By the time I'm finished, all our training documentation will have soft copies as well as printed out copies for every dispatcher in our office. All of the information will be up to date, and kept maintained (by yours truly), but be maintainable by anyone with a working knowledge of Excel or Word.

This usually makes me invaluable to any office, and greatly endears my managers to me. ;) I really do like working for ARC. I don't want to spend the rest of my life there, but.. I love the big fish in a small pond feeling we have, even though we work for a fairly large company.

Something really really neat happened on Tuesday... I was still training KT when this gentleman came and leaned on the side of my cube and said hello. Not knowing who he was, I finished up my call and introduced myself, ect ect. He asked a lot of questions about our department, asked our names, asked things about us. You know, as if he was really interested. Then Judy walked up and... was very very surprised, and asked what he was doing down here... he smiled, shook her hand and said something I didn't catch, then walked off to the Off Site helpdesk area and started talking to the dispatchers over there.

I found out later that he was the new CEO of our company.

I have never. ever. EVER. Seen a CEO do that. In fact, I don't think I've ever even met a CEO before. I figured he was some new brass for the company, but never expected someone so high up. Like RE said... it was unexpected seeing him come mingle with the peons.

ahh.. but anyways. Yesterday was uneventful.

Came home to find that Roho had picked up Civ III and Neverwinter Nights. While he played with Neverwinter, I dove into Civilization. I was a little skeptical when I saw someone mention in his journal that Civ III was awesome, but... So far, I'm very very impressed. I don't like the fact that I can't ALT-TAB out, but.... that is a very very little gripe. I love the graphical engine and the animations are so cute. :)

We played for a while, then zonked out.... foxy woke me up very nicely this morning, and now we're doing the morning routine. I managed to get Quicken up to date, sorted and filed June's receipts, and updated my timecard to show the overtime I worked this week.

I think I'm going to take one of my paychecks this month and spend it on new clothes. I need them badly.

But now, I'm going to go find some breakfast. :9


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