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Sorry for the lack of updates. I haven't really felt up to journalling since shortly before my parents' visit, and after... well, things have been too hectic for me to take the time.

So to try and rectify the lack...


I don't remember much of what we did on Saturday, I think it was mostly lazing around and being happy it was the weekend. I made a minestrone soup in the crockpot (which took *forever*) and a loaf of banana bread. Oddly, I already had the majority of the materials assembled when I discovered jenwolf was being bananaly domestic that day too. Strange coincidences abound. ;)

We did try and find a copy of Civ II Gold at various stores. Babbages, my old favorite for older games had been replaced by a Gamestop in the Vernon Hills mall, which was rather unfortunate. They had all the Warcraft games, but no Civ II. Just Civ III. And I'm honestly not too willing to shuck out $50 for a new game right now. We also popped into Best Buy and Sam's, hoping they'd have something, with no luck.

We came home, flopped, watched Shrek for the umpteenth time (and taped it this time!) and enjoyed each other's company in a quiet relaxing manner.


Sunday was Summerfest. I believe Jen and roho covered that fairly adequately, although I will say that never again will I attend a similar function in jeans, socks and sneakers. No sir, shorts and sandals for THIS kitty! I am a very very large woman. Therefore, I am affected by extreme conditions (especially heat) more than, oh.. say a 130lb male (all that insulation, you see). The walk to the grounds from where we parked just about killed me. :p On the way back, though, I was well watered, and the rest graciously stopped to watch the bridges lift for the boats, therefore giving me a much needed rest. ;)


Monday was both anticipated and dreaded. On the one hand, It was Good because RB would be taking over my old responsibilities, I would have my new, earlier shift, and I'd pretty much be able to just sit around and do nothing but take phone calls all day. On the other hand, it was Bad because I was going to have to train New Hire. I hate training like aynjel does. I never ever know what to say, what to do, nothing. I always feel like I'm leaving something out, and I wasn't sure what kind of person Judy would hire. I knew he was male, but that was it.

I was quite surprised when she introduced me to KT. A huge guy. I mean, enormous. Tall, and heavy. Not grossly so, but.. yeah. When the day started, it was very stiff and formal. By the time the day ended, we were well on our way to a really good friendship, which left me... quite surprised.

KT isn't a furry, but he's aware of the furry fandom. He asked if I had gone to Necromicon or Wiscon, (which I hadn't), and we discussed the science fiction fandom for several very pleasant hours. We had discussions about D&D, other roleplay games, renfaires, everything. And of course, work. But KT did for Hewlett Packard what I used to do for Dell. It was simply a matter of showing him the screens. Unlike RB, he had extensive experience in Customer Service and immediately grasped some of the finer nuances of the work that she evidently had problems with.

Anyways... I like KT. He's a fun guy, and I definately enjoy having him around at work. (And no, he is most definately not competition for Fennecs. I don't think such men exist)

Something happened Monday night that I think is very important.

In our department, there are basically three shifts. Morning, Midday, and evening. Currently, we don't have anyone working midday, so the evening and morning shifts are a little... stretched... to keep full coverage of phones and dispatching calls.

All new hires are hired for the evening shift, as that is the least desirable. Pretty simple, yes? Okay.

The evening shift consists of three responsibilities. 1) Answering inbound phone calls from technicians in the field and HP employees calling to check on tickets, 2) dispatching tickets for the next day within assigned regions, and 3) Monitoring either the new urgent tickets that come through (these must be paged out to the techs immediately rather than left in their queues for the next day) or monitoring the tickets that are being paged out and making sure the technicians acknowledge or accept them.

It's very simple. The only time the job gets even remotely stressful is when we have a rush on the phones that prevents you from doing 3). 3 is very very important. The majority of the tickets we receive have to be completed within 4 hours, therefore time is of the essence. A lot of our technicians are strung out over hundreds of miles to give us the best coverage possible, so a great deal of that 4 hours is eaten up in travel to the site.

On a normal shift, you check the "new" queue for urgent tickets.. oh.. every few minutes. There's never more than 4 or 5 sent across at one time, and you have more than enough time to do the new tickets as well as all your other work. On a normal night. On a slow night... you're begging for something to do.

Monday night was.. fairly slow. The phones were a bit busy, but there weren't a whole lot of new tickets being opened. This is important.

I heard CH say something to RB about the news (the new urgent tickets). I caught something about '15', so I opened up the queue to see what was going on. Remember, I'm trying to train someone. There were _17_ new tickets sitting there, and the oldest had been there for an HOUR AND A HALF. It was RB's responsibility to get them out.

To say that I was angry... ohh yes. I was angry. Our company isn't doing so hot right now, so we need all the business we can get. This sort of gross negligence was inexcusable. I snapped at RB to get her ass on the phones (she was staffed out, as usual), and that I would take care of the news. I got them back down to a managable level, then told her to take over. She staffed out of the phones again, but I let it slide. Then about 7:30pm last night, I noticed she had left her desk and had been gone a while. I turned to KT and wondered aloud where she went, and he told me that she had muttered something about going to lunch.

She didn't tell anyone she was going. She didn't ask someone to take the new tickets.

I found her in the hallway on the way back and we had a minor spat. She said she told me she was leaving, I said mumbling when I'm on the phone doesn't count.

Anger doesn't begin to describe... but that's nothing compared to yesterday.


I get to work at my usual time and putter away. I'm still training KT, so we're chatting about inconsequential stuff. He's at the point where he's actually taking the phone calls and running the show, I'm just there to bail him out if he gets in over his head or correct a mistake. (This is the guy's second day, and he's almost ready to be on his own. It's great. :) )

The department has a little bitchfest about RB. EV, who is one of the older employees, asks if I trained her on how to dispatch the next day tickets. I informed him that I gave her pieces of paper with very specific information on how to dispatch them. RB seems incapable of following directions. Ever since she was out on her own, I've had to go back behind her and fix things. Or CH has. One of us is constantly having to clean up the messes she makes out of these tickets. Both of us are pretty pissed off- because we've both tried to tell her, teach her, and all we get is pouting and snits. So we tell EV what happened the night before... telling Judy is mentioned, and I inform the group that I'm not covering for RB anymore. That if she can't cut it, then it's going to come down on her head.

I had debated going to Judy for several hours the night before... but I remembered how I felt when someone would criticize me.. and I was really reluctant to do it. I had decided to see how the night went, and if she had a spectacular fuckup like Monday, I'd go to the boss. If she behaved, I wouldn't.

Anyway, she comes in (late as usual), and EV goes to sit with her. She's whining about having a bad day. (That was her excuse for Monday. She just couldn't get with the program. Right.) So he sits with her for a while, I assume that he's trying to correct her bad habits, I'm not sure, since I have my own work to do. After he leaves, she gets up and leaves, then asks me if Judy is in today. Let her know that yes, the boss is here.... and a bit later, I hear her talking to Judy.

Now our offices are a cubefarm. Even my boss doesn't have a real office. And since I sit relatively close to the boss, I can sometimes overhear conversations that are going on over there. I overheard (*ahem* I was NOT eavesdropping!) RB tell Judy that the night shift was too rough on her and that she wanted a day shift. I wasn't sure if Judy was going to give it to her or not, but I was going to be royally upset if RB got the prime shift that's open that I'm hoping for. I didn't hear the response, but a little while later, RB came back to her desk and started packing her things.

She told me that her home based consulting business was failing (yeah, in 2 weeks? come on. I wasn't born yesterday) and that she was leaving, that the job was too hard for her.

I'm really glad that she's gone- the woman was an incompetant bimbo.

However... Judy called me in shortly after.. and asked me to work RB's shift in addition to my own, and do RB's work in addition to my own. All while juggling training and getting all the training documentation in order. Uh...huh.

Next week I have to go back to my old hated shift... and I'm hoping that she moves PJ back to his as well.. otherwise we're going to be short staffed in a bad bad way.

Oh yes.. and the doctor called Tuesday morning to inform me that my thyroid is suddenly twice as bad as it was in april, and that I have suddenly developed some sort of liver problem, and that I must come in ASAP.

I think I'm going to save my bitching about the doc for another entry.

The good thing about yesterday, is that I discovered yet another fantasy/sci-fi geek at work. RB... er.. hell. Rob, for distinction, evidently is another ex-EQ player. He had asked KT if he ever played, and I piped up. There were all sorts of neato coninkidinks on that issue, and we discovered a lot of mutual interests. We've decided that we're going to drag our respective significant others (his fiancee and Roho) to the renfaire at some point and ply them with good food and ale. Just need to decide when. :)

All in all, it's been a good week thusfar. I have two friendships forming with my coworkers, which has never happened before.. and it seems like I am becoming the person my boss goes to when she needs something done. That will be handy when they start handing out bonuses again. :)

And the most disturbing thing just happened... our landline phone, which is supposed to be disconnected.... just rang. How odd.

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