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Feeling a bit better... whisked together a rather tasty meal to take with me to work for lunch; leftover potroast from sunday with rice and gravy and the remnants of the vegetables.

Slipped in a bowl of my father's delicious blueberry angel food cake concoction (yes, I know I shouldn't have, Roho. At least I'm cheating in a somewhat healthy way) and snagged the bag of pretzels my folks left to keep at my desk at work for snackage.

The bane of my diet is that point halfway between lunchtime and when I go home. I always get hungry and peckish, so I'm hoping by having something healthy at hand, I can nip the temptation to slip down to the vending machine in the bud.

And I see it's time to leave, and I haven't got my shoes and socks on. eep!


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