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I hate my bank. Yes, I know I complain about them on a regular basis.

The latest crisis was due to a mistake by one of my creditors. They sent me a bill which differed from what I was first quoted it would be. I sent off the payment for what I was quoted back in.. um.. April? And a request for an explanation of the differences. About two weeks later (so I KNOW it was received), I got a collection notice from an agency on the debt.

Well, I was miffed. Wouldn't you be? They ignored my payment and polite request and sent me to collections. Fuck 'em. About two weeks ago, I had the money for the full amount they were charging me, so I sent it out to the collections agency.

The bank that I had paid back in april... cashed my check on monday. In addition to the check I sent to collections.

Soo.. I was missing about $65 that I wasn't expecting to be missing. And yup, I'm sure you all know what happened then. Something bounced, and I got smacked with a $30 nsf fee.

They're issuing me a refund check on the $65. But tough titty on the NSF. "That's too bad, but it's not our fault".

My bank doesn't offer overdraft protection. They *know* that my direct deposit hits at midnight every tuesday. They could, if they gave a shit about customer service, hold the checks until Wednesday morning.

God I am so... frustrated.. and depressed, and just.. ARGH.

I had to shuck out $60 in medical bills this month, then another $60 in NSF fees. Why can't I get ahead? My truck didn't want to start yesterday, and if it breaks down, I am up shit creek without a paddle... because I can't fucking afford to fix it because of all this goddamned piddly shitty stuff that keeps happening.

I need a vacation. A very long and quiet vacation.

RB seems to think that we get 4 15 minute breaks at work, and that if she's dispatching calls for the next day, she can staff out of the phones to do it.

I don't know where the harebrained woman got THAT idea, but... bleh. She just doesn't pay attention. I had to go behind her and fix the things she fucked up, and that took longer than it would have for me to just do it in the first place. My boss only has me training her on the "easy" stuff, and I hope to god she doesn't expect me to do the rest of the work PLUS the new stuff.. because I can't.

I have been extremely grouchy the past two days.. I think I've had more than my fair share of stress, and I'm ready for things to get back to normal. I want my body back, and I want someone else to train RB, since she doesn't listen to what I tell her.

Guess I'll go and see what I can salvage from this financial disaster.

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