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Okay, take II

I was about 3/4 of the way finished with a rather long entry when the power burped and poof. There it all went.

Hiding this behind a cut, since it's rather long.

Mom and Dad left this morning... and as eager as I was for them to go, I had a hard time letting them leave. I really wish they lived closer.

I did talk to Mom very briefly about them moving farther north, but she's resisting the idea. I'll work on her some more after my grandmother passes away, because then they won't have anything keeping them in Louisiana. (yes, I am horrible)

The week has gone by more quickly than I expected it to... I've had a bit of a rough morning.. trying to get a grip on my emotions. As I was originally writing this, I couldn't keep tears at bay... I already miss my mother. As annoying as she can be... I know she loves me, and having her here... where I could lean on her.. and just.. be her little girl again... And my dad... God. I miss them, so very very much.

They both loved Brendan, although I didn't expect anything less. Dad mentioned to my mother that he really hopes that we get married, and asked me if I was secure in the relationship. I don't believe Bren's going anywhere. He's not the type to give up easily, and I know he's happy with me. They were both quite happy to welcome him into our family.

I did get to meet the infamous Crispy, along with his finacee Kathleen. They stopped by Sunday to join us for lunch, which... stressed me out beyond belief. I wanted to be a good hostess, but I was having trouble dividing my attention between them and my parents, and didn't want either group to feel neglected. Bren was really wonderful about trying to calm me, and Mom and Dad went out for a drive, which made things easier as well.

Monday, we had a bit of a problem at dinner... I had worked a half day.. was really just.. exhausted... and Quiznos gave me the wrong sandwich. We didn't discover it until we got home, and therein lay the problem. I didn't really want to drive all the way back to get the right one, but after dad started making pointed comments about disappointments in life, I just... snapped. Threw the sandwich in the truck and left. Bren, bless his heart, came with me and had me calmed down by the time we got there.

We watched a few movies over the weekend... Harry Potter, Shanghai Noon, Shrek... the Emperor's New Groove was on HBO last night, but.. it was just too late to start watching a movie, no matter how short it is.

Now that all the guests are gone, I guess I'm going to settle back into my normal routine.. I have 2 lbs that I need to get rid of (and a lot more.. that's just what I gained while my folks were here), and I need to get back into the habit of walking every morning.

I discovered ljreview this morning in daveqat's journal, and now I'm rather curious if they've ever reviewed my ramblings, and if so, what they thought. It did rather give me the incentive to work a bit more on my journal's style, and customize a bit more.

The only thing I really have a problem with is interests. I'm a really boring person, I guess, because I can't think of a damned thing to put in there. There are a few things that I am vaguely interested in, but.. it's not something I really persue, and therefore I wouldn't want to mislead anyone.


This entry wasn't as long as I was expecting it to be... I just couldn't type out everything again... and couldn't capture the same... emotion and expression. I'm sure anyone that's lost an entry knows exactly what I mean.

I think I might putter about the apartment for a while.. and try and find something to keep myself busy for a bit. I need to work on my finances, and call the bank, so might as well get that done.


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