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Kestral is expanding on their flagship Digital Premium Programs to include a fullrange of incentive and loyalty programs...

Kestral is no more an alien in these societies than she is in her own.

Kestral is designed for ultra slow, gentle indoor flight.

Kestral is located high up in a cavity in a saguaro cactus or tall dead pine tree. (Minus points for this one. They were talking about the American Kestrel. Tsk tsk typos.)

Kestral is siring very consistently and his daughters are proving to be long lasting productive cows. WAUGH! I'm a bull!

Kestral is waterproof and floats.

Kestral is a year-round resident, as is the black-shouldered kite, and the golden eagle. More people that can't spell

Kestral is space dust and the other is in two pieces. That sounds ouchy.

Kestral is copyrighted logo of Moira Clinton. I AM NOT!

Kestral is currently the largest distributor of CD-ROM software in the country.

Kestral is hunted by her ex-business partner who wants to collect
the price on her head, and her estranged husband who dogs her every track. My life is such a soap opera...

Kestral is copyright by her player. Holy shit.. this one is actually about me! I did an art trade with Bander a few years back and this was his half. I was.. in a canine phase. It passed quickly. ;)

Kestral is more than $179.00. I'm not cheap!

Kestral is the strongest anti-war statement I can imagine. Yah. Start fighting, I show up. They make peace to make me leave. ;)

Whee.. that was fun. I did actually find some pages that had things to do with me, which was surprising!
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