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Parental visit still going strong... both parents adore Brendan (as predicted) and are quite happy with my choice this time around.

they're still less than pleased that we're living together, but after meeting him, they both agree that he has honorable intentions, and have decided they're looking forward to his inclusion into our family.

Buuuut anyways.

They're going to go home sometime Wednesday.. and we are going to collapse and veg.

And I only have 20 minutes til I go home. *fretfret*

Having Quiznos tonight for dinner, and watching shrek. Should be fun!

g'nite folks!


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Jun. 25th, 2002 06:48 am (UTC)
Things your parents should know about <lj user=roho>
Lanakila smiles warmly upon hearing how your parents are looking forward to accepting Roho into their family.

Roho is one of the nicest people I have ever met in the “Furry Fandom”. He’s very down-to-earth, kind-hearted, sweet, sincere, selfless, a hard-worker, dedicated to his employment position, an achiever, polite, friendly, honest, trustworthy, someone who doesn’t have angst (wink), someone who knows how to have fun, someone who can be serious yet silly from time to time, and just an overall well-rounded individual and human being.

Lanakila smiles kindly and winks.

And no, the Fennecy didn’t put me up to squawking all of this. But I am sure he probably would be blushing right now if he came across these words and sayings about himself. Either that, or he’ll flatly deny it.

I was thinking that your parents probably would’ve accepted Roho faster if you told him how much of a bird lover and enthusiast he is. ;) I could imagine your father taking a fast liking to Roho. Heehee! Than you’ll have more than one birdy-brain in the household.

Lanakila grins gently and beakrubs into your fur.

Take care, Kestral.


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