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Last night when I got home, Dad had a full table set up for dinner... the entire family was waiting on me.

I haven't felt so... warm... and fuzzy.. and good.. in a long time. All the workstress and anxiety and anger flowed out as we ate and chatted and just enjoyed ourselves.

After we ate, Dad brought out this... delicious... pineapple angel food cake he had made. It will be demolished tonight, I can tell you that now. It was scrumptious.

Today, we all slept in.. then got up and showed mom and dad where we're moving to in September, then went and got lunch. While that was digesting, we drove out to Barrington to show them my office, then out to North Chicago to impress them with Abbott and try and find the jelly bean factory. Factory was nowhere to be found, so we went out to Waukegan harbor and walked out over the waterbreak to watch the boats.

3 hours and a sunburn later, we left. Stopped and picked up a few things for tomorrow... then toddled home. Mom's in the shower, dad is snoring on the couch, and bren disappeared somewhere.

While I am definately feeling the lack of.. good quality private time with him (I haven't been in a very amorous mood for nearly a month, and now that I AM, I have to behave... life's so unfair. ;) ), but.. I'm enjoying my parents' visit much more than I thought I was. I'm kind of sorry I can't head up for arrjaysketch's art party tonight- I've never been to one, and it sounds like such a blast! I am enjoying my folks.

And now, I think I'm going to collapse into a spotty puddle and take a nap myself. :)

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