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Whelp, I finished book 3 of Earth's Children about an hour before I was hoping to, so now I'm poking around trying to kill time.

Last night, an innocent doodle turned into the most... sensual... piece I think I've ever done. Of course, other people might not think so, but hey! it's my opinion that matters.

As mentioned before, my folks got here yesterday.. Last night after all the greetings and hugs and tears were over with, we flopped in the living room in front of the AC to try and cool off. Mom and Dad brought.. everything.. I left at their house. I'm still not sure how they crammed it all in. I don't really need a sub-zero sleeping bag, but.. I suppose it'll be nice for when we move to Maine... and um.. I'm sure we can find a use for the cooler. Stuffing Cailet in it maybe.

They brought my larger TV, which I believe Roho set up and hooked to the cable this evening, and my microwave, which is a much nicer model than what we've got now... and my crockpot, and all the cookingware they could find room for. (Unsurprisingly, exactly the items I didn't need. Oh well... to salvation army we will go...)

They bickered and bitched a bit, Dad was harassing my mother, and as usual, she wasn't taking it well. I can't say that I blame her- she was likely tired, hot, and in a great deal of pain (her knee was replaced earlier this year, and going up three flights of stairs was bound to be agonizing for her).. and well.. I *know* what being cooped up in a vehicle with my father can be like.

This morning, I showed her around the apartment a bit more.. she wanted to meet Snark, but the snakey was being antisocial, so we didn't disturb her. She giggled over some of the posters and furry art we had on the walls, which pleased me, but evidently woke my father up from his nap. Grumpy lived up to his name and was trying to shoo us out so he could get some rest fairly quickly.

Mom and I went over to Cub (and she brought her knitting. Oh joy.), and I picked up ingredients for Sunday. We argued a couple of times over what I was purchasing... She didn't seem to understand that I buy DIET foods (no fat, low cal) and kept pointing me to the full calorie items. We had a spat about my buying two cases of diet pop... someone told her that a doctor told THEM that diet sodas are bad for you. And of course, since this nugget of wisdom came from a doctor (supposedly), it must be true! She got offended when I told her not to believe everything she heard.

Now I know that it's true that nutrasweet and aspartame aren't exactly good for you, but it's my understanding that they aren't necessarily bad either, unless consumed in amounts that.. well.. indicate that you have a problem that has nothing to do with artificial sweeteners. ;) I remember reading in the Atkins information that caffeine is to be avoided, since it can have an effect on the metabolism, and aspartame was to be avoided for what I assume is the same reason. I was buying caffeine free diet soda... and you know what? I don't care if it DOES slow my metabolism down. It's either that, or drinking the full sugar soda.. and I'm sure we can all guess what's better for you!

So anyways. We had the discussion again... My mother has latched onto the idea that the trick to dieting is 'Eat anything you want, just control your portions'. She never notices how much I eat, she just parrots that at me all the time. I don't eat much. I try really hard not to overeat. If I eat any less, then I get hungry, and we have problems with snackings. This, of course, started another argument, which I think ended in a draw. Just once in my life, I wish she'd accept that I might know something more about a subject than she does; especially considering I've actually RESEARCHED, and she's going on gossip and hearsay.

Sometimes, my mother drives me batty, I swear. She made comments about the price of the roast I bought (I thought it was rather cheap. I was expecting to spend $20.. not $5), and would not quit commenting about how expensive things were.

She ended up paying for a bottle of water, since she is evidently terrified that my father is going to drink all our bottled water (despite the fact that I've reassured her that it's cheap and there to be drunk), and bought some frozen strawberries, since I indicated an interest in putting them with banana slices. (Mmmm. and they brought my blender. Homemade daquiris anyone? :9)

After we finally got out of the store.. (after an argument over a baking pan. I remember now which pot she's talking about.. that is NOT a slow-cooker, mom. That is just a regular heavy-duty pot. You cook beans and soups in it. I'm going back to get the pan tomorrow.) I make the mistake of telling her that we really weren't interested in her..knitted..goods.

I don't know what would have been worse in the grand scheme of things... accepting the gift and just tucking it away (or giving it away), or just telling her outright like I did that we wouldn't use them. I know I hurt her feelings. She insisted on carrying heavy items back up the stairs, despite her weak leg, which was a bit aggravating.

Both of my parents took the opportunity this morning after Brendan left to express great displeasure with the fact that I no longer play the piano on a regular basis. Especially since I have one available! I must play it!

*sigh* I showed them one of the pieces of art I was most proud of, and just got a 'Oh, that's pretty... Why don't you practice the piano more?'. I don't think they understand that yes, a person can have many talents, but sometimes chooses to focus on ONE talent that they are better at than allll the others. I will never be more than a mediocre musician. I used to have a decent singing voice, but lack of practice and cigarettes took care of it for me. My flute is lost in the black hole that is my mother's closet, so I will likely never shuck out the $900 to replace it. It's sheer coincidence that Roho is musically inclined... and I don't appreciate them trying to push me back towards something that I am really not that interested in. It's a nice hobby, but bleh. I can live without it.

And that was my morning, pretty much. We sat around the kitchen table this morning sipping cocoa (Tea for Roho), eating huge slices of homemade bread (mrrr) and exchanging veterinary technician stories. My mother adores Brendan, and is afraid of overwhelming him. He told me last night before bed that he liked my folks, and when I told Mom this morning, she had a hard time believing me.

See, my ex (He Who Shall Not Be Named) was always polite to my parents to their faces, but.. you could tell he was extremely uncomfortable around them, and didn't like to spend time with them. (This after knowing them for 3 years. He expected me to get along peachy with his folks, and I met them at the wedding. Asshole.) So... while Mom understands and believes very firmly that it's not as important that Bren likes them, since it's ME he'll be spending his life with... it's... an added bonus. Icing on the cake, so to speak.

I think my father liked him... although it's hard to say. Dad was very impressed with his education and manner of speaking. Mom mentioned that he was extremely polished and polite. I refrained from mentioning that he farts on the cat as often as he can, and scratches indelicately whenever the urge strikes him.

wouldn't do to embarass him, now would it? ;) (And yes, I am teasing, love.)

So now... evidently, he's spent an entire evening with them, and judging by his idleness online, he's being social and friendly. He's not showing any particular signs of discomfort or nerves in his comments to me, which I take as a good sign... my parents are behaving themselves.

Dad is evidently in the kitchen... I dread cleaning THAT up..almost as much as I dread eating his soup this late at night. I already have mild indigestion. (A coworker was going out to get food earlier today, and I was a very very naughty kitty and ordered mozzerella sticks. But hey, all I had to eat today was a piece of bread with some margerine on it! ;) )

But for all my complaining... I'm really glad my parents are here. I'll be glad when they go home... but for now, I'm going to enjoy them.

Oh yah.. and um.. bleeding stopped. :>

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