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Yesterday was the conclusion to the most relaxing weekend I think I've had in a very long time.

We didn't get very much done productively, and the only housework we did all weekend was cleaning up after our meals (and thanks again, roho for doing the dishes last night. I was tired. =) )

Since my entries are generally long and rambly, a

The bleeding seemed lighter this morning, which was a good sign, but I'm still going to call and schedule an appointment with the doctor. I had another problem with a misunderstanding last night and started bawling. I really really hate that. It turned out okay in the end, but... I don't enjoy the way it makes me feel, and I don't like what it does to Bren.

Lessee. Yesterday after waking up late, we cuddled for a bit before hauling ourselves out of bed around 8am (both of us are early risers. I think the latest we've ever slept is 10am.), and lazing about in the living room. I'm still reading Jean Auel's Earth's Children, made it to the third book after a week, if that gives an idea of how large they are. Purr. After I get paid, I'm going to Sams to see if they still have Shelters of Stone.

I made omelettes for breakfast, then did my walkies, as Bren calls them, and laid down with the fan on to cool off, since it was a fairly warm day and we didn't have the air conditioner on. After about an hour of that, got up and started working on our lunch- baked potatoes have been a weekend favorite for a while. After eating, we decided to curl up in bed to digest and just snuggle... we didn't intend to fall asleep, but taking naps together is always fun. An hour and a half later, we woke up and decided to go ahead and finish sorting through my car to decide what we're taking to the library for donations and what we're keeping. We sorted through my video and book collections, selecting a few things one or both of us wanted to keep, tossed the books that were worn out without covers, and reboxed the rest. I'm never going to play Werewolf, the Apocalypse again, so got rid of that handbook, kept my D&D books, but a lot of my novels... I grew out of DragonLance some time ago, and a lot of the other books weren't ones that really grabbed me to be read over and over. I kept my Karleen Koen books, every book I could find by Dick Francis and John Grisham, and my Patrick McManus books. What can I say? I love horses, I love thrillers, and I love historic novels with romance. :) Pat McManus is a favorite of my parents' that they got me hooked on. He writes outdoor humor, and let's just say that I hope to never go camping with the man. It would be a recipe for disaster.

After getting the car all sorted through, we went ahead and did our duty, calling our Dads to tell them how much we love and appreciate them. As per usual, after about 5 minutes of chitchat (mostly about the visit), Dad was tired of talking to me and handed the phone off to Mom. She and I skirted around an argument, then when she was going to hang up in a huff, I tried to change the subject. Sooo.. we discussed depression for a while. Evidently it runs in my family, and Mom said it was about time I saw a doctor about it. My mother's mother was a major hypochondriac, according to Mom, and I think she has some of the same tendencies. If I mention that I have a problem, she immediately starts thinking of horrible things it could be. She's sworn for years that I have an underactive thyroid even though countless blood tests have come back negative. I just have a lazy metabolism mom. Yesterday after I told her about the period-that-will-not-end and the strange pains I've been having in my abdomen, she started talking about some strange condition where the uterine lining starts growing places it shouldn't- the stomach, actually on your ovaries, intestines... other icky places. Gee mom, thanks. Then she decided that I'm probably pregnant with a fallopian baby, and told me I'd probably lose my fallopian tube. Oh Christ. Aren't you such a cheery person? Don't get me wrong, I adore my parents. In very small doses. I see now why I had so much trouble growing up- I was an emotionally unstable child, I had religion crammed down my face every time I turned around, and well.. let's just say living with my father was very unpleasant for a girlchild that couldn't do anything right.

Anyways, mom put me in a bit of a foul mood for a while... so I curled up on the couch and listened to Bren talk to his parents. I love listening. They seem so nice! He told them that we had been looking at properties in Maine to get an idea of prices and where we wanted to settle, and his mom said she'd be more than happy to show us whatever we wanted to see. I imagine so... I know my mother would be beside herself if we were looking to move to Louisiana, I can't imagine his mother is any different. From what he said, they're looking to pop over and check me out sometime next month, and while I'm nervous about it, I'm also very very excited about it. They told him I would be welcome to join them for Christmas this year; something that I've decided I'm going to do. Mom was quite adamant about me coming home to LA for Christmas, but... I guess there comes a time where you just do what you want to do, rather than satisfying your parents. I haven't decided yet what I'm going to tell her... how I'm going to explain that I'm not coming home... but I'll figure out something.

After basking on the peripheral of Bren's relationship with his folks, I hopped up and started working on dinner. I had picked up some tortelloni (don't know what the difference is from tortellini..) made of mozzerella and garlic, used some of the leftover marinera sauce from the last time we had pasta (last week, i think), and made some more garlic cheese bread. It was quite tasty! I was afraid it might be a little -too- garlicky, but evidently turned out pretty okay.

After that, we curled up and watched Shrek on HBO... I was naughty and had a Skinny Cow fudge bar (but hey, I bought them to be eaten!), and we flopped together in lazy companionship. We were a little disappointed by the lack of the little music video that's at the end of the DVD, but figured that was a special feature of the dvd, and wasn't actually part of the movie.

When that was over, we logged into Taps for some naughtiness, but... I thought he wasn't in the mood and he was, and bleh. yeah. We got it worked out, and enjoyed the rest of the evening, but it was a dark spot on the perfect weekend.

This morning, after a restless night (We went to bed with the fan on and the windows open, this apartment gets NO venilation in the bedroom), I got up with him around 6:30 since I was hot and sticky and just couldn't rest. I was a little bit grumpy, but had a good weigh in; I'm showing a downward trend again, and harassed the cat a bit, then hopped onto the treadmill and did my walkies while Bren rattled around the bathroom. I have to say that I hope we never have the same schedule as long as we just have one bathroom. That would be... interesting... to try and brush my teeth while he's trying to get a little privacy for nature's call.

We had a bit of cuddletime online, then off he goes to work.

I really enjoy the time I get with him in the mornings. I guess it is a bit odd, and not the norm for a couple to log into their computers and type at each other when they sit less than 3 feet away, but sometimes... especially when strong emotions are involved, it's much easier to type things out than say them. For one thing, the act of typing lets you think about what you want to say and edit it before you press enter. :) I dunno. Either way, I got lots of kisses before he left (real ones!) and an 'I love you' without me saying it first. *purr* (Yes, I am odd. He says 'I love you too' a lot, because I'm a very demonstrative person. I don't hear 'I love you' out of the blue often enough for it not to be very special to me. And Bren - I love it that way. Please don't change. :) )

I have so much to do this week, that I feel like I should be jumping up and getting it done. The metabolife I've been taking (now that I'm remembering to take it on a daily basis) is definately making a difference in my general mood and energy levels, and I've started taking my vitamins again. I know that a weekend isn't much of basis for comparison, but.. I have felt more in control of things all weekend, with only the one real crash that was quickly over, even more quickly resolved.

Lessee. I need to clean the fridge... scrub the kool-aid stains out of the bottom shelf; sweep and mop the floors; vacuum the bedroom and living room (again), dust, clean the litterbox.... lots to do. and the sad thing is, since I've been doing all of this on a weekly basis, I can probably get it all done in one day. I just won't leave it for Thursday, since Mom and Dad will be here thursday night. ;)

I also need to find my matcutter.. i tucked it away when I was cleaning and forgot where, so I can mat the print I sold, and I need to do a second draft on my commission.

Guess I'll be a nice and busy kitten for the rest of the week.

For now, I think I'm going to go make the bed and unstinkify myself (finally used up all my cheap shampoo, get to try the expensive stuff this morning! purr!), put in fresh eyeballs (I have 2 week disposable contacts), and start fixing something to eat. (I've noticed that it's much easier to get started with the day if the bed is made. I don't know why, but it works.)

Have a good one, everyone!

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