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I guess I'm being cynical, but..

I find it annoying when people in my office spam all Notes users (lotus notes is the email client of choice for my office) with emails regarding fund raisers.

Granted, the American Cancer Society is a very worthy cause, but... I have no desire to buy a raffle ticket, sponsor someone in the walk for life, or attend the special breakfast. I barely have enough money for myself, much less someone else.

So please.

Stop emailing me about it?

Even worse is when charities call your home. I remember getting at least three or four calls a year from the local Policemen, Firemen.. Christian Charities for Orphans.. you name it. Gah. And when you say that you simply cannot donate/pledge at that time, 'Can we put your name down for next year?'

Since when has giving become an 'in your face' affair? It's gotten to the point where I hate going to the grocery store. Or Wal-Mart. Because there's always this little troop of kiddies with candy bars giving you these pitiful, hopeful faces. Or worse- around the holidays, when you feel obligated to be charitable, and the Salvation Army has their santas out. Now granted, some of the Santas are considerate; they position themselves to one side of the entrance and are pleasant in wishing everyone they see Happy Holidays.

I remember when I was an active Mormon; It was encouraged for every member of responsible age (IE, the adults) to tithe 10% of their income to the church. The church then took the proceeds and donated to charities, provided for less fortunate members, ect ect.

I guess I'm used to a discreet and personal..private donation to charities. I don't like having them put me on the spot or shove themselves into my face.

Oh well.

For now, I'm going to continue my donations to my favorite charity.

Me. :)

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