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I wish I could borrow gen's icon that has the pointing finger with the laugh.

Poetic justice has been served.

As I've mentioned before, in my office, we have a particular person that is, quite frankly, a snitch. (She reminds me of the character Malthoy in Harry Potter. Extremely unpleasant.)

When CH and I last discussed her, he mentioned that both times he's been called before our boss for mistakes, VC pointed the mistakes out to Judy. I suspect that VC is the cause of my misery back in April.


Today, karma came back with a vengeance.

About 30 minutes ago I discovered one of our "reactive" tickets (The call has a short amount of time that it must be completed in, otherwise heads will roll) that was dispatched by VC. Normally, when we dispatch calls, if it's a reactive call, we *must* page it out to a tech to be run ASAP.

She didn't.

She left it sitting in his queue all day.

I didn't find it until HP sent across a message wanting to know why no one showed up.

Now the question is... should I discreetly bring this to Judy's attention... or just let it lie? Decisions decisions. ;)

Oh yes. Revenge is oh so sweet.

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