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I am not going to let the morning's events ruin my day. I refuse.

Roho lent me the $50 I was short, and upon speaking with a representative from TCF, I discovered that it was my insurance payment and a check I had written for pizza was what bounced. You see, I had plenty of money to cover the pizza, but when the insurance check came in at the same time, they put the larger one through first.

Upon my complaint that it was a scam to generate more NSF fees, the customer service rep agreed to revoke one of the NSF charges.

That was good news indeed. I was promised that as long as I got my deposit in before 2pm, that my truck payment wouldn't bounce. (Insurance and the pizza check already went through)

However, now that I check my balance, I've noticed that it's down $20. I'm going to wait and see why- they won't show what it was until tomorrow on the online payments, then probably call in the morning demanding to know what's going on.

Again, if you are bank hunting, stay away from TCF. This is the second time they have allowed a post dated check to slide through early, garnering a NSF fee. They know by now that my direct deposit goes in at midnight on Tuesdays. While it's not their job to hold deposits so that they'll clear, anyone concerned about customer service would do so. (I've had banks do that for me in the past)

The fact that they don't offer overdraft protection is another negative. I've never been involved with a bank that is so... ruthless... in their persuit for money. I discovered today that for them to actually put a hold on a check for a certain date, they charge a $30 fee. This is atrocious.

I am going to be getting all my bank debts squared away as quickly as possible so I can move my business elsewhere. Enough is enough.

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