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I hate my life.

Last month, my insurance and truck payments were late.

So I sent them a week before they were due, dated on the due date of June 14th.

The money didn't hit my account until tuesday night at midnight.

I guess they must have tried to clear the checks on Tuesday at some point.

So now I have a $60 NSF charge.... and not enough money to clear the checks.

Thanks alot, God. I try to do the right thing and you screw me.

Fuck you.


Just spoke with my loan company, desperately trying to keep them from pushing the check through a second time.

I was informed that they couldn't put a stop on it because it hasn't returned NSF, and because their bank will push it through a second time before they get it returned.

If it IS returned, either from NSF or because I put a stop on the check, I will be charged a $25 NSF fee.

So I'm looking at an additional $55. For a total of $105, fuck you up the ass bank charges.

What the FUCK did I do to deserve this? WHY? Why is it that when I'm financially strapped, everything goes wrong? I have no extra money to spend. I'm scraping for GAS this week, and I won't have money for quarters to do my laundry.

I hate my life. EVERYTHING is going bad this week. Can't I just start over?

One thing's for sure. I'm sure as hell not sending off my payments early next time. Fuck them.

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