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I hate my life.

Last month, my insurance and truck payments were late.

So I sent them a week before they were due, dated on the due date of June 14th.

The money didn't hit my account until tuesday night at midnight.

I guess they must have tried to clear the checks on Tuesday at some point.

So now I have a $60 NSF charge.... and not enough money to clear the checks.

Thanks alot, God. I try to do the right thing and you screw me.

Fuck you.


Just spoke with my loan company, desperately trying to keep them from pushing the check through a second time.

I was informed that they couldn't put a stop on it because it hasn't returned NSF, and because their bank will push it through a second time before they get it returned.

If it IS returned, either from NSF or because I put a stop on the check, I will be charged a $25 NSF fee.

So I'm looking at an additional $55. For a total of $105, fuck you up the ass bank charges.

What the FUCK did I do to deserve this? WHY? Why is it that when I'm financially strapped, everything goes wrong? I have no extra money to spend. I'm scraping for GAS this week, and I won't have money for quarters to do my laundry.

I hate my life. EVERYTHING is going bad this week. Can't I just start over?

One thing's for sure. I'm sure as hell not sending off my payments early next time. Fuck them.


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Jun. 13th, 2002 11:14 am (UTC)
Sending a wire of care and warm snugs down to you
Lanakila looks on at his distressed and unhappy Kestral friend with soft eyes. His gaze speaks with kindness and sympathy, feeling the cheetah’s frustrations and financial pains of dealing with the banks, NSF fees, and payments. The bald eagle flaps his wings and flies over to you, where he wraps a caring wing around your body and pulls you in for a close wing snuggle. Lanakila skreeples gently and nuzzles his beak into your warm fur, imparting his sincerity and concern onto your feelings.

Dearest Kestral,

I feel your pain and I don’t know why your bank has charged you an NSF fee when your cheque was dated for June 14th, and the banks have attempted a cash-in on June 12th. If the companies were trying to cash your cheque before the payment date, then those NSF charges should be reversed. It sounds like post-dated cheques were delivered, though the payees were cashing them in early.

I hope you can get those charges reversed. I’m just as ready to give your bank a call and inform them about the concept of post-dated cheques and why you don’t deserve to have an NSF charge on your account. :/

Have you ever thought about signing up for web-based banking? I’m not sure if your bank has this service, but the Canadian banks do. You can pay your accounts online by setting them up in an account system, and specify the amount of payment, and the due date when the funds can be withdrawn from the account. That way, you don’t have to worry about mailing a cheque and wondering if the payment would get lost. I’ve been paying my bills online for over two years now, and it works great for me.

Lanakila gives you a kind-hearted wingsnuggle and beakrubs into your fur.

I’m very sorry that you’re cash-strapped right now. Truly truly sorry. I can only wish that you can make it through your financial difficulty. Things will get better, dear Kestral! I just know it. There’s some sadness and conflicts right now, and you may feel awful. But don’t hate your life. It’s the best thing that you have, despite the problems that life brings.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll wire some electronic funds from the Bank of Canada and send it down your way. ;) Except with the foreign currency exchange rate, you probably won’t get enough cash. ;)

Be well, my friend. *positive wingsnuggles to embrace a concerned cheetah*

Your bald iggle friend,

Jun. 13th, 2002 11:47 am (UTC)
Re: Sending a wire of care and warm snugs down to you
Lana, you are truly a sweet bird. ;)

My bank offers online banking, yes. With my "free" checking account, I can view transations 2-3 days after they clear. It doesn't show me a running balance, just the current balance, so I'm often left wondering for a day or two why the balance changed.

If I wanted to upgrade to the account that offers online billpay, running balances, and the ability to download my transactions into Quicken, I'd have to pay close to $10 a month in service fees... that's for 10 online bill payments. Any extras are $.40 each. So as you can see, this bank is less than ideal.

The reason I went through TCF is because, as you may know, the reputable banks run an abbreviated credit check when you try and open an account. This check is available through a company called ChexSystems- and the only things reported to it are overdrafted accounts that are in arrears.

Well you see, that's my problem. Shortly after the divorce, I ran into similar problems to these.. and in one case, I simply couldn't pay the fees the bank generated, so I opened a different account so I could cash my paychecks and still have money to live. I recently got one account completely paid off, and am working on two others. (one is.. the fault of the AOL account I had. If they had shut it off when I requested, there wouldn't have been NSF fees. bleh.) Soo.. right now, I still have two accounts on Chex that need to be paid before I can move to a decent bank. All in all, it's less than $500 that I owe, but finding $500 that isn't spoken for in general living costs is.. difficult, at best. Especially since there are other messes that I'm trying to clean up.

My financial life has been very ugly for the last 4 years. I've completely ruined my credit, and at one point, I thought I was going to have to file bankruptcy. As it is, I truly believe that it will be the full 7 years for it to completely recover. (In the US, anything on your credit report without any activity is removed after 7 years.. I think. It may be 5.)

Either way.. My past was very ugly, I made a lot of mistakes. That's why I get so upset when things happen and it goes kaput on me. I am terrified of sinking back down to what I was before.

As it turns out, however, I was only $50 short, which Brendan was wonderful enough to bring to me this morning. So... here's to hoping that I got it into the account on time. If I did, then I just owe Bren $50. If not... well, I'll give him his $50 back and assume the position. :P
Jun. 13th, 2002 04:22 pm (UTC)
Cheetah Strength and Determination
Lanakila smiles kindly and gives you a fond nuzzling, blushing lightly as you describe him being a "sweet bird". Squawk! ;)

I think it's horrible for your bank to have so much service fees! :( I didn't realize you had to pay extra for full access to your web banking features. $10.00 per month is a lot in service charges! (That's like $16.00 Canadian dollars ;P ). I can see your rationale to opt out of the online banking service and pay by regular cheques.

I'm sorry to hear that your credit rating has been less than stellar in the past. I hope you can rebuild your financial reputation once more and be in good standing with the financial institution and credit card agencies.

Your later entry said you will not let this incident deter you from enjoying your day. I'm very proud to see your positive spirit! In a world where there are a lot of angst-furries running about, I'm glad to see your determination and commitment to excel.

Good luck to you!

Jun. 13th, 2002 05:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Cheetah Strength and Determination
You are sweet. Don't let anyone ever tell you different.

And I spent a great deal of my life playing the angsty person. Then I realized I wasn't happy, and I guess you could say that I became an adult, instead of just playacting at being one.
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