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Today has been... unpleasant.

As soon as I got to work, I was roped into a meeting that was supposed to last 45 minutes. Weeell.. we were at double that when they finally turned us loose. The meeting was informative, yet confusing, dealing with the new companies that we've taken on as clients.

Since I am just now being moved into this department, I'm not familiar with all the procedures that were rattled off, so I asked a lot of stupid questions, got a lot of, 'oh, we'll train you on that'.

As is usual for when some of us are in meetings, the morning shift didn't do jack shit. VC, whom I despise, even interrupted our meeting to ask if our supervisors wanted them to stay overtime. Well.. gee. Let's see. If you and RJ leave, that leaves... oh.. ONE person to cover phones and do two jobs. *sigh* It's no wonder she's blonde.

Money continues to be an issue, both for the company and for me personally. My contact lenses set me back much worse than I had thought, and it's going to be a while before I get the $30 rebate check. I just need to hang in there for another week- I get paid again next tuesday night, and I don't have my check card anymore (the replacement BETTER arrive this week), so... that limits my spending. I need to get groceries still.. which means digging out my checkbook. urk.

I'll be glad when this current financial scrape is over. It's causing a lot of stress.

I'm not sure exactly what it is about today... hell, the last few days... but I have been amazingly lethargic. I'm not sure if it's because it's that time of the month, or if it's another reason. I recently changed from my generic metabolizer to Metabolife, and as such I haven't gotten into the habits for the new dosage. I haven't been taking my vitamins either, which may have a part too.

Speaking of the monthlies... I'm going to put this behind a cut.

If one more person tells me 'At least you're not pregnant!', I am going to rip their head off and shove it up their ass. Please, enlighten me. Why should I be happy and joyous about my period lasting TEN DAYS with no end in sight? Why should I be thrilled that it's heavy enough to need some sort of protection, yet light enough to barely leave ANYTHING in said protection, so that I'm basically wasting it? I dunno about you, but um. Feminine items can get kinda pricey when you have to buy a lot of them. And why the hell SHOULDN'T I bitch about the things that annoy me? Must you slap a PMS label on everything? I'm not going through Premenstrual Syndrome. I'm bleeding, for god's sake. There's nothing PRE about this. And I wasn't pissed off until I started feeling logey and sluggish all the time. Yah, anemia from prolonged blood loss is real fun. And no, I DONT have the option of calling the doctor. What can they do? Ever been on a double dose of estrogen? I have. It's not pretty. So let me fucking vent and bitch and just shut up. You DONT know my body better than I do.

Okay, now that that is out of my system...

I am giving serious consideration to taking the 5th of July off from work. I already have the 4th off... and the idea of a 4 day weekend is so delicious...

Oh.. speaking of celebrations.. I am rather ambivalent about attending summerfest. Roho says it's an experience not to be missed (fried cheese curds. I can feel my arteries cringing), but we both will be recovering from my parental visit, since my folks are leaving some 2-3 days before that particular weekend. So I hope that Jen will forgive us if we decide to take our own vehicle and caravan up. I broached the subject to Bren, and I think we're going to discuss it further... this way if I get tired (I wish I had half that man's energy), we can head on home without spoiling everyong else's fun.

Which is another reason I'm really tempted to take the time off in July.. 4 days of quiet time with fennecs and friends... no parents. And well.. It'll be really nice having 4 days of Roho's company. Stocking up for his family reunion in August. ;) (don't get me wrong.. I'll probably enjoy a weekend home alone, but I'm still gonna miss him) and mmm. maybe some time to get art type projects for MFF done. I'd like to come up with some more original pieces that I can offer up for sale..

**annoyance** coworkers are walking around behind me shooting rubber bands at each other. I don't know why I am so annoyed at this, it's harmless. Probably because I'm not invited to play... a subject for later.

Going back to the previous thoughts.. there are a few pictures floating around in my skull that I really should set down to paper.. including one rather humorous image that Roho inspired last night that I simply have to find a way to draw...

I've managed to finish a first draft of the commission piece I'm working on. It's proving to be a challenge both in scenery and composition... I've never drawn a bat before.. and clothing her as requested in a harem-type outfit was a challenge to creativity. ;) I'm rather dreading putting the colour down, since I have never done anything like this with coloured pencils before.. ah well. I have the best pencils that money can buy, and if I can do things like this in photoshop, I can do it with pencils as well.

And now I think I'm going to close this entry... since my thoughts are starting to ramble incoherently, and my fingers are cold.

I'm just going to say this last thing..

I love you fuzzball. I don't know how I ever survived without you.

Until later,


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