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May 29th was 10 days ago. A week and a half. A Wednesday.

60447 is the zip code for Minooka, IL. And if we go over to take a gander at Mapquest, we see that Minooka is just outside of Joliet.

Now to drive my point home for the terminally dense, this package was sent Priority Mail. If we scoot on over to the US Postal Service, we see that priority mail delivers within 2-3 days.

So what have we learned, class?

One more outburst of any sort in my journal or anyone else's will result in very very embarassing things being posted. In addition, a court order for BOTH of you regarding cyberstalking will be issued. I'm sure you both are just thrilled about the idea of having a police record for harassment, aren't you?

And since you can't see what's right in front of your noses, my email address is publicly listed on the journal that you had to read to post. Remember. One more peep out of either of you, and things will get said that you won't like. Don't push me.

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