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Boy it has been an interesting week.

I'm still working out daily on the treadmill... 10 minutes at 2.0 mph. And I've seen the results. My last weigh-in showed me at 5 lbs more than this mornings. And this is after a very splurgy day yesterday. This puts me at a net loss of 20lbs since April 15th. Not bad!

As mentioned earlier in the week, we thought Bren's parents were going to be dropping in for a visit, but circumstances prevented it. Oh well. The house is still extremely clean, which is nice. I have my desk cleaned off, the bedroom is staying neat and tidy, the closet is staying tidy, and I finished cleaning the bathroom and kitchen this morning.

Yesterday I went out and bought a mop to go with the earlier purchase of a broom, and picked up some soap scum/mildew spray to attack the shower curtain and tub. The stuff worked remarkably well, and after two applications (and a third for the shower curtain), the bathroom is sparkly!

we've cleaned the living room and tidied it up so that it looks more like a living area and not a collection of kitty junk. ;) Hopefully this weekend we can finish going through my car, get all the salvation army/library donations bagged and boxed, then drop them off at their respective new homes.

Bren finally did find a plushie net at Toys R Us... and turns out that it's called a toy hammock. No wonder I couldn't find it on the websites. Grumble. Anyway, we'll probably put that up this weekend and dump my two plushies in with the pile of his. ;)

So let's see. I have a couple more things to do with cleaning the kitchen... and I want to dust and vacuum. After that, it'll just be a matter of maintenance, which I think I can do easily during the week. It's 20 days exactly til my parents arrive to visit, and I really want to show them how much I've changed. Not just physically, but emotionally and in my habits. (I was never.. quite... a slob, but... neither was I as contientious about housework as I am now) And I honestly think it'll be easier to just.. maintain our current housekeeping rather than let it go and have to rush and do it all over again the week before they arrive.

In other news... I'm not sure if I've mentioned my slovenly coworkers before. There was one in particular, LE, who was the laziest person I've ever met. He'd constantly be on personal calls, or chatting to technicians about non-work things (sports and the like) while other work piled up, and when he'd give us breaks for lunches, he wouldn't do the work he was supposed to. It was quite infuriating, and I was on the verge of taking complaints to my boss when I found out that he was leaving the company. Yesterday was his last day.
Haleluja!! The best part is, he worked a 10-6:30 shift. So now that shift is open. I'm praying praying praying I get it. I put in for an earlier shift if one became available about 3 weeks ago. So far, my boss has said nothing, so.. I guess I'll just wait and see what happens. The possibility is that no one will replace that shift, and they'll just have someone from another department cover our lunch periods. That would suck. Or they may shift someone up a couple of hours. We'll see, I guess. My boss is not exactly what I'd call stable, so I'm doing my best not to get my hopes up.

Oh! and I sold a commission! I was surprised that anyone was interested, and suspect that it might be a friend using an email address I don't recognize. I guess I'll find out when they send the payment/description of what they want. I'm pondering putting a couple of prints and an original up, just to see if they sell. Wouldn't hurt to try, and the extra money would be nice.

Speaking of money... I've put myself on a strict budget that thus far I've not been able to follow. To justify my extra spending, this isn't stuff I'm going to be buying on a monthly basis. (broom, mop, cleaning supplies ect) which is good. If I can keep to the rest of the budget, I should have all my current debts paid off by the end of the year. However, I know of at least two expenses that aren't on the list- I need new contacts, and I need new clothes. I have an appointment Tuesday morning with the doctor for my eyes, and depending on how much my insurance covers will tell me when I can go for the clothes. I had made an order through a catalog of over $200 worth of clothing for the summer, but then remembered that I had another debt that MUST be paid and so cancelled it. But I'm expecting to spend $2-300. I will have two weeks' worth of clothing so that I don't have to wear anything twice between washings. Oh yes.

Another thing not on my budget is the move, since i'm not sure yet how much it's going to cost. I know I'll have a $150 cat deposit.. and half of the $975 rent, but I'm not sure how much rent we're actually going to have to pay when we move in... nor how much we're going to have to pay to get DSL hooked up, ect. Oh well. It may take me a while, but my goal is to have it all paid off. I want to get a credit card.. .and with my history, I'll probably have to get a secured one. That's fine. Just something I can put gasoline and my EQ accounts on that will help my credit look a little less battered. Later on this year I'm going to go ahead and order a copy of my report to see just how ugly it is. But I want to get a few things off of it first.... just to spare my sanity. ;)

I've decided to go ahead and register a domain for myself, but I really wasn't sure what I wanted to get. I was planning on, but... bleh. I want something a little more personal, since let's face it, I am never going to be a professional artist. So I looked around,,, and were all taken, and I'd rather not do a .us or any other odd extension. However.... is open... I'm undecided. Going to think about it, I think, and get some opinions. (Of course, most people think Kes is a snow leopard. snicker.)

Anyhoo. I should probably get up and get changed out of my workout clothes. We're going to go hit Mongolian BBQ/Chinese Buffet for lunch (this is swiftly becoming a tradition. But I like it), then go see Monsters Inc at the Buffalo Grove theater. I haven't seen that yet, so I'm really looking forward to it. Tomorrow, we'll probably go see Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time. (Hey, it costs more than $2 to rent the damned movie, might as well go see it on the big screen while we can. :>) mmmm. hobbit eyes, elf boys, and strong rugged human hunks. God I love that movie, even though Bren laughs at me whenever I talk about how sexy Legolas and Aragorn are. :9 I'm allowed to look!

All in all... life is good. I still have a bit of workstress that I think will ease off now that LE is gone. My other coworker, CH, actually does try and carry his own weight. Sometimes he slacks, but.. not enough that I really mind.

And now I will go get dressed, then pounce delicious cheap food!

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