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Bloated, BBQ ticks.

Yesterday we all gathered down at Aureths for BBQ goodness on his new grill. After much frustration with the cheap briquettes, we dined on a recipe that I believe was obtained from Duncan... if this is so, my stomach owes him many many thanks- It was delicious. ;)

I had gotten a wild hair that morning and wanted to bring something tasty, so I whipped together a potato salad (after a hasty consultation with my mother on the recipe) and brought it down with the remainder of the french bread from Saturday.

All the guys had at least two helpings, so I know it was well received. ;)
It was a gorgeous fun day, and we both (meaning myself and Bren) had a
blast. We got to have some serious conversations about our future, and
discussed my ideas on where I want to take my life careerwise. I was
quite pleased when Bren told me that my plans were the 'wisest thing he's
heard out of me concerning my education'.

The idea I had was going back to my original plans when I first entered
college*. I had thought about going into teaching, but... after talking to
Joseph (That's Desiree Swanner's husband, dad. He's... trying to become a
teacher. :p) I quickly lost interest in the idea. Unfortunately, the
only thing you can do with a history degree is teach, so that zapped that. I
was trying to think of something interesting that I could do.. that I
*thought* would interest me.. that there would be a demand for, and that
wouldn't require that I live in a big city.

(* With my first attempt at college, I was a biology major at Louisiana College; a Baptist run private college in Pineville, LA. It was painful.)

It hit me- veterinary assistant. I don't want to be a veterinarian. I'd
have all the hassle of running a clinic, and that much responsibility
would kill any enjoyment I had of the job. A vet tech certification takes
two years (roughly) to complete, pays a bit more than I'm making now (not
much more, unfortunately) and... well.. I do think it's something I would
enjoy, it's something that according to brendan, is in fairly high demand
(because of the low pay scale), and... well.. I think with him to tutor
me, I can do the math and science needed.

We also discussed me getting a degree. He mentioned that UIUC has a degree program
called EEE - Ecology, Evolution and.. um.. something else. Basically it's
a program devoted to the study of animal behaviour, evolution, and
ecology. Which sounds right up my alley. =) I could go ahead and get the
degree, if it's offered at the Chicago campus, and then from there... I'd
have several options open. I could go into wildlife conservation, work at
rehabilitation centers... or I could go ahead and finish my certifications
(The degree would knock one year off the certs) and become a vet tech.

We're going to dig around and find his old vet tech magazines and let me
read through them so I can get an idea of what the field is like, then
take it from there. I won't be able to attend school until fall of 2004
anyway- Finances, the fact that I want the truck paid off, ect are holding
me to that course. Not to mention that I'll be better able to get
financial aid 2 years after my student loan is paid off.

All in all... I'm very content. Bren's folks may be dropping in on us
this coming weekend - If a business trip his dad is supposed to take is
cancelled, he's just going to redirect his flight to chicago, and his
mother will fly over to meet him... so we'll have parental units for the
weekend. I have pushed the big red panic button, and today is clean the
apartment day. ;)

In addendum, I've had two workouts on the new treadmill. Ooof. I can definately feel the burn. ;)

whoof. Okay, I need to go scoop my laundry into the dryer, so I'll close.

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