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urg. sleepy. I'm not sure what's been going on with my sleep schedules lately... if I'm not getting enough excercise, enough vitamins, or just.. -what- the problem is.

Usually by 10:30pm I am totally ready to zonk out... and I have serious trouble staying awake during the last few hours of my shift. I wake up usually with Bren... sometimes manage to doze until 7.... of late, getting up at 6:30... and spending the morning dragging my butt around. Last two mornings I've fallen back into bed for 30 minutes.. taking a nap... which sometimes helps and sometimes doesn't.

I think I'm going to sleep a bit more.

I would think that 8 hours would be enough... but maybe not. Maybe my body's trying to recover from some of the tension I put it through during the typical workday. I dunno.

Anyway. nappytime.

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