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To my Commissioners

This email just went out to people that have commissions with me.  (A slightly different one went out if you have a commission and are also someone I consider a friend)

Firstly, I wish to apologize for the tardiness of this letter.  I have delayed writing it for some time, and made excuses to myself in the hopes that I wouldn’t have to.  It was an injustice to all of you, and I regret it greatly.

Most of you commissioned me in 2010 for various pieces of artwork.   Some of you have commissions that pre-date 2010, and it is with great regret that I am writing to inform you that I am issuing full refunds to everyone with outstanding commissions.

2010 was a very difficult year for me towards the end, and 2011 brought many changes to my life.  I have always had the hope that the artistic spark would re-ignite and I could find the joy of creation again, but unfortunately, every time I sit down to paint, all I feel is anxiety, obligation and stress.  Those feelings, as I am sure you can understand, do not make for good artwork, and it is unproductive and unfair to ask you all to wait until my muse is sufficiently recovered enough.

I am not doing anything silly like leaving the fandom, although I have dropped from the convention circuit.  I simply need, I think, some time away to rest and recharge.

My request to all of you, is to reply to this email with your preferred method of repayment.  I am happy to send out a certified check from my bank, or send your refund via Paypal.

Again, my most sincere regrets;  you have all been a joy to work with.

cheekitty arts


This will also be posted on my FA.  If you have a commission with me and did not receive an email… please let me know.

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