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Holy cow.

So, I have a friend that has tastes in literature and film that nearly completely overlaps mine, and I should probably just give her my kindle and ask her what to be reading, as everything she’s ever recommended to me has blown my mind. (Looking at you, Gypsylady)

A few weeks back, she told me ‘Hey, there’s this new movie coming out, it’s based off these books by Suzanne Collins, and they’re really good. You should read them.’

I didn’t devour the whole trilogy in one sitting, but only because I was trying to save some reading material for the bus ride to/from New York.  They’re good. They’re -really- good.  Tonight, I discovered that the movie (which I thought was coming out in 2013) is scheduled for release next month. I’ve watched all three trailers, I am close to vibrating with excitement about this film. (The casting is interesting, and I highly approve)

So if you’re looking for some postapocalyptic adventure/suspense…. check out The Hunger Games.  Amazon has the entire trilogy in one neat download for $17 for Kindle.  Then join me on March 23rd for the film.

May the odds ever be in your favor.

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Feb. 22nd, 2012 06:17 pm (UTC)
I breezed through the Huger Games trilogy... It was such a good read. I cannot wait to see the film.
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