genet (enveri) wrote,

The Christmas Gift that Keeps On Giving

For Bren's Christmas, I got him a juice bar. Long story short, we went to a party where it was in use, and it vanished. We discovered the disappearance the day before Christmas Eve. I ordered a new one Saturday night, with the expectation that if I selected 2 day delivery, it would arrive by Thursday and we could have it for our trip this weekend.


Apparently, Think Geek took 2 days off for the holiday; they didn't process my order til Tuesday, the device shipped on Weds and wasn't scheduled for delivery until Friday. That won't work. So I called yesterday, and to their credit, Think Geek has been excellent with trying to get my package in my hands. UPS, not so much. They redirected the package to our hotel in IL. However, UPS brought the fucking thing all the way to Somerville before saying 'oh! Right. Redirect.' (It was in Ohio when I got the notification that a redirect request had been placed)

So now it's redirected to Illinois... but scheduled for delivery.. the day after we check out of our hotel, and get back on a plane for Boston.

So fuck you, UPS. I am so fucking angry and frustrated and crying and...I don't want to deal with this anymore. Bren's been great about it, but I am so incredibly pissed off and tired of having to make phone calls and try to keep my cool when I'm already stressed and tense.

So thank you, United Parcel Service. I name the migraine and tears and snotty nose after you. I really hope that some day you are waiting for an important package, and someone does this shit to you.

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