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Home from a very busy weekend with family. Yay, holidays!

Will be gone next weekend, and the weekend after. Very tired now, and FRIGGIN COLD. I keep hearing Boston weather is similar to Chicago, but I do think it's windier, and that wind is vicious!

We did get the opportunity to see the 11th Annual Portland Harbor Christmas Boat Parade of Lights, which was fun, if cold. The bandstand was occupied with carolers, and someone's dog was either an enthusiast of Christmas music or a really harsh critic; he sung along.

Next weekend, we're hoping to get a little shopping done, and see a display of Gingerbread houses that are supposed to be very detailed and ornate. We're getting up super early to drive back up to Portland to spend Christmas eve with Mom and sister's family. We'll do Dad's on Christmas Day, then go back to Mom's on Boxing Day, coming home on Monday.

Weekend after that we're popping out to Chicago and will hopefully get some relaxing time with friends.

Happy Holidays, folks!

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