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Help Needed!


We are going to a Geeky Halloween party this year, and roho is already picking out his costume which leaves me going, 'uh.. shit.'

I have not dressed up for Halloween, um.. EVER, and a quick surf through costume shops that carry my size (yay fat butt) showed... stuff that looks great on skinny chicks but not so much on larger women, and stuff that would be okay, but looks cheaply made and has triple digit prices.

I do not currently have a working sewing machine, I do have a black underbust bodice and peasant shirt, so worst case I can buy a nice scarf and wrap it around my waist, wear the bodice and shirt with a skirt, but I'd like to avoid the renfaire look if at all possible, or at least put a little more effort into it.

SO! Friends! Loved ones! Suggestions? Most of you know what I look like irl.




Oct. 4th, 2011 07:36 pm (UTC)
I don't know if you have any thrift or resale shops where your at now but there are always creative possibilities in those. One year I wore a long black gothy looking shirt with black dress pants and found black wings and a black halo and went as a dark angel. One of my friend liked it so much that he bought the wings and halo from me. I HATE those cheap Halloween costumes. They are so horrible and only fit people who are Size 0.

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