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Tuesday Updates

quote of the day

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” —Albert Einstein (1875-1955), theoretical physicist, philosopher

what I'm currently doing

Life is truddling along, as it always does. On Friday, those watching me on twitter saw that my car had some..Issues. Well, it's still at the mechanics, we're hoping for a call today to confirm my suspicions that the alternator is toast. I'm really hoping that is the problem, as it's a (relatively) inexpensive fix, and one that can be done fairly quickly. You never realize how much you take mobility for granted til you're stuck at home without wheels. :)

Last week I got zilch done on the art front, as we were busy scrubbing and cleaning in preparation for duncandahusky and takaza's big Memorial Day party. It wasn't being held at our home, but we were hosting some of the out of town guests, and we were both horrified at the idea that they'd see the place a mess.

Sooo, our house is sparkling now, although we discovered a few more repairs that need to be done. I think the house and my car both sensed when we'd be getting a bit of extra money, and acted appropriately. roho's old Saab car had that talent, and it was terribly aggravating. :)

Anthrocon is looming around the corner, and I think I'm going to have to hold off on some of the merchandise I had planned on ordering to sell. I just don't have the time to come up with new designs, and I have a lot of outstanding work I want to finish before I go drum up more business. I'm hoping to start putting feelers out in new markets, but I need to have samples to show, which require time, and... well, you get the idea. Either way, artistically, I've been busy, which is good.

future plans

My big project for this summer is to get my website redesign up and running. I have a graphic I want to use, Roho is just trying to figure out how to set up the server so that I have design-level access and not root. (If you're an Apache guru and have worked with Drupal before, please let me know!) Once we get things together, I'm thinking this is going to be majorly awesome.

Anyway, time to get some work done! I have a huge pile of laundry to do from the weekend, and some artwork stacked up that's close to completion. To everyone that stayed with us this weekend, we really enjoyed having you, and hope you enjoyed being here!

Have a great logical Monday, guys!



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Jun. 1st, 2010 06:48 pm (UTC)
Hello! I was surfing around the other day on LJ and came across your blog. I always find it inspiring to follow the blogs of fellow artists/creators, so I added you. Hope you don't mind :)

I love that quote by Albert Einstein.

Best of luck with that stack of artwork!
Jun. 1st, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
I don't mind at all! And I rather liked it too. :D
Jun. 1st, 2010 10:15 pm (UTC)
The house looked fine, Genet! You should see mine (with the added bonus of the hole in the dining room ceiling that's been there several years. ;).

I very much appreciated your hospitality and had a wonderful time!

BTW, your cats (the 3 I saw) and dog all rock!

Did the other one show back up after all the invaders left?
Jun. 1st, 2010 10:19 pm (UTC)
Yes, she was apparently hiding in the drop ceiling. We found her when she (and three ceiling tiles) came down unexpectedly. ;)

And thank you, I'm really glad to hear you had a good time, we enjoyed having you! :)
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