genet (enveri) wrote,

My husband's a keeper...!

So my birthday is Saturday. I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching Farscape on Netflix and working on a painting, and I keep... hearing something ringing. I thought it was my cell phone, did the quick mental checklist of 'would a bill collector be calling', etc. No. It keeps ringing, so I go get the phone (it's an old and crummy one, so the unfamiliar ring tone wasn't a cause for alarm). That wasn't it.

Asked roho if he left his cell phone at home, no. So the next time it rings, I start trying to track it. Our dining/living room has a piano bench next to the fireplace, where I stash my usb cables, my intuos tablet, misc computer and art supplies I don't want laying out. Nestled on top of them is a brand new iphone with Roho's number on the caller id.

Thank you so much, sweetheart. I think I shall squee now, and start getting it all set up. :D

(By the by, if you are not now using my Google Voice number for contacting me, this is a good time to change. The old number will stop working when my contract expires on Mar 13. Ping me if you need it.)
Tags: birthday
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