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Happy Friday....!

I'm home today with the intent of taking one of our pets to the vet. She has been feeling really poorly, but started perking up in the last 12 hours, so now we're observing. If she continues current behaviors, I'll take her in this afternoon.

Anyway, I'm dinking away at my website, trying to figure out layouts and theming in Drupal. I must say, once we get this all situated, the website is going to rock muchly... there's just a bit of a learning curve, and a small matter of permissions. (roho is looking into how to get me ftp access without giving me Root. Because that would be bad. It's complicated.)

So I have a surprise day of semi-leisure, and am contemplating the best use of this found time. I believe I may work on a painting, as I haven't gotten diddly done this week. If you have a commission from me and have not seen pencils for approval, please please let me know. Part of the website redesign is a snazzy new commission queue to help me keep track of everyone and everything.

Next month, I will be doing a free icon day. Watch this space for further announcements on date!

For something fun, I have been thinking about fictional characters, and what takes a character from 'interesting' to 'fascinating'. I'm probably expressing this poorly, but my question for all of you is... What makes you love a character? It's easy enough for an author to write someone likeable. What makes you love them?

Some examples that stand out to me; Diana Gabaldon's Jamie. He's not perfect, he's stubborn and pigheaded and aggravates the women around him to no end. But... he's realistic. I can believe that he's a real man, and what's more, I would very much like to know him. I adore him, and all of Gabaldon's characters.

Jacqueline Carey writes deliciously real characters as well. Joscelin... ah, Joscelin. How I love you! And Phédra. (haikujaguar, have you seen this?! Amazing!)

So my question to you is... who do you love? Why do you love them? Tell me, I implore!
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