genet (enveri) wrote,

When you awake to hear your spouse exclaiming, "Oh dear LORD!".... you know it's going to be one of Those Days.

roho has had early workdays all week, and usually I drowse until he's ready to head out the door, then I get up and wander downstairs to collect my kisses and see him off. This morning... hoy. The dog was apparently not feeling well, so she did what dogs do and ate grass. A lot of grass. Which she then proceeded to vomit up all over the main floor of the house, and upstairs outside the guest bedroom.

So we cleaned dog vomitus this morning. She's fine, she's currently begging for her breakfast. Anyway, it's been a busy busy week! Classes are going well (I'm still rockin' along), I'm slowly learning CSS, and hoping to start learning how to do web design for Drupal.

Art-wise, I'm doing excellent. I've finished two paintings already this month, they should be uploaded this weekend, and I'm making good progress through my queue. I'm thinking I probably will not open up for commissions again until late April, but if I find myself with leisure time, I'll work on some non-commissioned paintings. It should be fun!

Anyway, I need to go run through the shower, and the dog wants to go out (no doubt to assuage her hunger pangs with more foliage munching). How are you guys? LJ seems so quiet lately. :)
Tags: art, school
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