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Weekly Update: Feb 1 - 7

quote of the week
“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” —General George S. Patton (1885-1945); American General in World War II


Art is going good! I finished another painting last night, I do not yet have permission to share it. Once the commissioner has approved everything and I can put the 'Complete' stamp on it in my mind, I'll upload it for everyone to see. (For those keeping count at home, that's 3 paintings finished in the month of January, the last one within the past 2 weeks, despite my horrible class schedule. Go me!)

I DO have other arts to share, never fear!

Self Portrait, Redux Scholars and Scribes Jingle Bells

current projects

I realized yesterday that I really should break my project lists down, and start keeping a separate calendaring system just for art and school related deadlines, along with any other projects I may be working on. I haven't found one I liked yet (I did try out a couple, but they all embed into the desktop, and, well.. I never SEE my desktop). Worst case, I use pencil and paper, oh noes. :)

Otherwise, my plate currently contains, in no particular order:

  • art - 2 bookmarks, 3 badges, 2 full sized paintings. To be complete by FCN (April 9). HA.
  • school - Of necessity, highest priority. A chapter reading, essay reading and analysis. I'll do that today.
  • home - Various cleaning activities, laundry, fix various leaky things that shouldn't leak. This week sometime.
  • business - State sales taxes need to be done this month, I am going to endeavor to get that done this week. I also need to update billing information for one of my websites (due this month) and sit down and figure out how to make Drupal look pretty; essentially learn CSS. I really need to get cheekitty back on its feet. That... maybe by the end of March.

Pretty full plate, but I think it's helpful to keep track of goals in short-mid-long range terms, and keep an eye out to make sure they're being met.


Well. Chrome kind of crashed and I hadn't bookmarked the things I had WANTED to link to today, so..

Create realistic fictional characters -- I thought this was an interesting exercise, as I've been doing a bit of world building and exploring the characters visually... although I haven't written down the bits and bobs of personality I've discovered yet. I know there are a lot of creative people out there, and you all probably have your own process, but perhaps the tips here may be useful in dealing with unruly residents in your own heads.

Carve out time for social networking -- Many artists are coming to the realization that social networking is a valuable marketing tool, but perhaps, like me, they're getting bogged down with other things. I thought this was an interesting read.

Have a great week folks! Hope it's a productive and happy Monday!
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