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Weekly Update - Jan 18-24

Well, I'm changing things around to a weekly post, and I will endeavor to post during the week as time allows. It's been a really busy few weeks, and school starts tomorrow (eep!). So... while I'm pretty sure I'll have time to post once per week, I know I'm not going to be able to manage something daily. :(

quote of the week

“One man may hit the mark, another blunder; but heed not these distinctions. Only from the alliance of the one, working with and through the other, are great things born.” —Antoine de Saint-Exupery
(1900-1944), aviator, writer


I finished my first painting of 2010 last week, but I do not yet have permission to post it. It's a surprise for the commissioner's friend, and he wants to be the first to show it to her. BUT... I do have concept art to share. Quite a few people have been writing as a motivation excercise to... well, keep them writing (haikujaguar and minor_architect are excellent) and, much as I hate jumping on bandwagons, I thought maybe they were on to something. Soo, I decided to start visiting the campus gym, because it's free, and writing down little drabbles of story.

As part of that, I have some concept drawings of the characters, trying to figure out who is who and what it is that makes them special. World building is tremendous fun, even if I don't go anywhere with this.

current projects

I still have 4 commissions to wrap up from MFF, and 3 others that were non-convention related to finish. I am hoping to do one personal painting per month this year, aside from commission work. I'm not sure how well that goal will work, but.. it's a target to shoot for.

I still want to do a post about my accomplishments from 2009- I keep putting it off because it's tedious to make a lot of thumbnails, and I just haven't wanted to take the time. I promise I'll try to get that written up some time this week.

I have other projects I'm mulling, but for this week, I want to finish the painting I'm currently working on, do at least one more concept sketch done (Morag needs a love interest! Or maybe images of why she chose to be a Guardian! Hmm!), and... see where things stand from there.


What if William Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski? - I really think the title says it all. Enjoy! (Posted specifically for roho, feren, and yotogi!)

Identify your foot type before choosing athletic shoes - With many of us making vows to get off the couch and onto our feet, proper footwear choices can mean the difference between a healthier fitter you, and foot pain causing you to abandon your exercise program after a week. I personally tend to just buy whatever's cheap and on sale, but I've noticed when I actually take the time to find a shoe that fits comfortably, walking is much more pleasant.

Quick note- I switched to Chrome for my browser, and that eradicated all the notes I had on my bookmarks indicating where I found links or who gave them to me. So if I feature something, and you know you gave it to me and would like to be credited, please let me know!
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