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Daily Post - Saturday Slumbers

Quote of the Day

“Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true.” --- Author Unknown

Current Projects

I meant to post art and info on upcoming projects yesterday. I also want to do a 2009 retrospective and review goals for 2010. But I am sick as a dog (are dogs normally sick?) and think I'm about to go lay down. So... consider this a raincheck.


Ditto for above. I got a few hours worth of painting done yesterday. I will hopefully finish that painting today or tomorrow, then on to the rest. If I can stop sneezing.


Don'ts for artist marketing online -- An article that explores two of the biggest reasons artists are not successful with online marketing. I found it interesting reading, and it jived with some of my own observations. (Link from @blick_art on Twitter)

A case study in marketing -- Most people are familiar by now with the 100 sketches/pieces in 100 days thing. This is an article about the gent that came up with the idea, and how he marketed himself to help make it work. I am interested in doing something similar (maybe 20 paintings in 20 days for $20 each), but I need to do some research first and decide what I'm going to do.

That's it for today, hopefully tomorrow I'll be over the hump and feeling a bit better. Have a good day folks!
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