genet (enveri) wrote,

Whoof. Day 2 with my folks is nearly over, and we're leaving mid-day tomorrow for New Orleans. We hope to have a few minutes for coffee or a meal with my older brother (I haven't seen him since my first marriage, 11 years ago), and then we're off to hopefully visit with haikujaguar and her family before finishing our trip with roho's family.

I haven't gotten much (any) painting done on this trip yet, it's been a bit chaotic. My dad is eager to see my artwork (eek!) and both of them loved the bookmarks I brought them. I want to explore a different technique for bookmark creation when I get back.. but I have to do more art first.

Anyway, we are taking my parents to lunch tomorrow, then we'll find a place to get some boudin, and investigate the local beer selection. I'll update again tomorrow night from our hotel on the French Quarter.

Bonne nuit chacun!
Tags: holidays

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