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Lazy mornings are the best. I have come to cherish my quiet time before forcing myself to get up and go in to work. Yesterday turned out to be a nightmare. I will spare the details, and merely say that I became immensely frustrated with the poor performance, and had to wonder if the idiot that caused the malfunction has been sacked. I hope so. Bringing a major system down for 4 days is inexcusable.

This morning I've mostly lazed about... zipped out to Jewel to buy a few edible odds and ends, and of course, forgot the cheese I wanted. I did manage to get cucumbers for snacking (these things are better than potatoe chips, I highly recommend them!), and salsa and tortillas for next week's batch of fajitas.

I've noticed that I go in cycles with the things I eat. I find something I like and eat it as often as I can until I'm tired of it... then find something else. I think that as long as I can find something that won't kill my diet, that I like, and can eat a lot of (a la cucumbers), I'll be fine on the weight loss scene.

Speaking of that, a quickie weigh in this morning after I'd eaten showed a 3lb gain from last week.. not something I'm really concerned about, since natural fluctuation is bound to happen.

I also came to the realization as I was tidying this morning that I am completely happy puttering about the house. This was quite a surprise to me, as I am not really the domestic type (or so I thought) - being more prone to making messes rather than cleaning them up. However, I found myself enjoying making things neat, doing as much as possible (taking out the trash, doing all the dishes, tidying the stinky closet...) so my beloved has time to relax when he gets home in the evenings. This is such a novel thing to me... I take great pleasure in doing the smallest things for him... it's really neat. =) I'm also looking forward to later this year, when possibly someone else will be around for me to take care of. (Yes, I am weird)

Anyhow... I have found a $10 discrepancy between myself and the bank, and since we know they never make mistakes, I've pulled out all my receipts since the beginning of the month and will be pawing through them to try and find what I missed. I'll do a more thorough search this weekend to see if I can find it... if not, it's not the end of the world; just $10. I already have an adjustment in quicken to be sure I account for it.

And now, I beleive I am going to doodle. =)

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