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VERY good con this year. I have enough in take home commissions to keep me busy for the next month, and I was very happy with how I did, financially. I need to speed myself up a bit. I did some beautiful art, a lot of sketchbooks, and brought home a ton of color commissions. I had a cluster of people around my table watching me paint, and some even asked if I'd be willing to do a panel on watercolor/gouache next year. Hm. Maybe I can get haikujaguar to run that with me...

Anyway, I managed to get some sort of stomach flu that has made the last 24 hours rather uncomfortable. Praying it passes in time for Thursday, as we have an Epic Feast to attend at a friend's.

Going to go work on some of my takehome stuff now, I'll update more later.

feren,nemetfox, and youngvanwinkle were terribly missed, but all three had very good reasons for not attending, even if we want to have Words with feren's $employer.

Hope everyone that attended had a good time, and if anyone wants to leave feedback regarding Artist's Alley (or has suggestions or whatever), please feel free to message me through LJ, or at
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