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Daily Post - Monday Edition

Happy Birthday, steelhelix!

Quote of the Day

"Don't wait until everything is just right. It will never be perfect. There will always be challenges, obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So what. Get started now. With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self confident and more and more successful. --- Mark Victor Hansen; author, speaker


Wow, today's quote seems tailor made for me. :P The challenges and obstacles have become my consolation to myself. It's okay that you didn't do blah. You had all these problems. I need to stop deluding myself and just -do- it.

Life is going pretty well, I think. I'm doing better than I thought I would with my dieting regimen (13 days, down 8lbs as of this morning), and until I got sick and injured my foot, I was rocking along with the exercise- 2 mile walks twice a day. Going to call the doctor to have a look at the tootsie to speed its healing so I can get back to that. I found that walking in the evenings with roho was amazingly nice, and I kind of miss it. It was really nice couple-reconnect-time.

We had a pretty low-key weekend, we had originally planned on going to a party on Saturday, but both of us were feeling ill (congestion, fatigue, sinus issues) and when we went to the grocery store to replenish the fresh produce supply in the house, we were both a little weak and wobbly after a short walk around the store. Soo... reluctantly, we decided we weren't up for the drive, and while neither of us thought there was any danger of contagion, we didn't want to spread anything... so we stayed home. I'm rather glad we did, much as I hated missing the party. I really hope unclevlad had a wonderful birthday, we were thinking of you!

I got the notice over the weekend about my induction ceremony into PTK. I'm excited and psyched about being involved in such an illustrious honor society! I'm really behind on some of my projects for my ENG260 class- I have to record myself and transcribe a tutoring session, and I need to interview a writing teacher. I'm not big on interviews, and I'm even less big on listening to myself talk to a student for an hour. I haven't figured out yet what I want to ask the professors, I should do that soon. I think it's due in a couple of weeks. >.>

I will have art to share soon. I really need to get on the ball, with MFF looming and no originals to put into the artshow. gen hooked me up with a source for pre-cut mats, so I can at least tailor my paintings to fit a given size (Thank you soooo much, Gen!) to make things easier for myself. I have an oil painting I'd like to have hanging, but... it's not quite finished. I can definitely finish it up in a couple of hours, but I have no easels at home, and I'm not sure I can use the studio at school, given as I'm not an art student this semester (Besides which, I'd have to cart wet painting home with all my supplies, and.. ew.) I'll have to ponder this.


Cylithria Dubois, Marine Corps Novelist -- With November looming, NaNoWriMo is getting mentioned a lot more, and haikujaguar gave me this link to Ms. Dubois' story. I haven't read her submission yet, but I found the story of her writing and submission experiences very moving. What makes this special? Ms Dubois wrote her submission while serving active duty in Iraq. While that is not (I'm sure) uncommon, she wrote much of it by hand with night vision goggles because she was deployed away from the base camp, had no power source for a laptop, and lights at night were dangerous. Go give it a read. Bring a tissue.

Extreme LED Art -- A group of Welsh shepherds got together, strapped LEDS on their sheep and border collies, and did some amazing things in the countryside of Wales. Further investigation revealed that this is an ad campaign from Samsung (I had to remove the link because LJ was bjorking on it- Google Baa Studs Fake), but according to the director, there are no sheep in the clip that were not filmed on camera. It’s still amazing to watch, even if it had a little editing help. Enjoy! (Link courtesy of gen )

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