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"Example has more followers than reason. We unconsciously imitate what pleases us, and insensibly approximate to the characters we most admire. In this way, a generous habit of thought and of action carries with it an incalculable influence." --- Christian Nestell Bovee (1820-1904); author, lawyer


Life continues to truddle along. I'm fighting off a cold (I think I'm losing the battle). I'm almost at mid-semester, and I am beginning to think about next semester. I feel really... strange. I should be almost done with my sophmore year (I'm not. I haven't got the credit hours yet) and yet, I'm still not sure what I want to do for my degree. My job in the tutoring center has reinforced that I'm not really cut out for teaching. I do great with responsive students, but I get really frustrated with the sullen, unresponsive ones. I guess it's good to know what I don't want to do? I feel rather silly to be in my 30s and still having the 'what do I want to be when I grow up?' discussion with myself.

I've been thinking about taking art classes again next semester.. I'm not sure I can make it fit into my schedule, but I really enjoyed my painting class last spring (even though I didn't learn much) and would like to take another; either another oils class or watercolor. I'd like to take more drawing classes (or even a digital art class! Ooh, animation?) but I'm leery of taking it at this school- the drawing teachers are a bit diva-ish. Sooo.. I will be thinking about that. Alot.

Next week, I'll be attending a volunteer orientation session for a local hooved animal rescue. I have loved horses since I was a toddler (my first word was 'horsie') and while I sort of put aside my dreams of riding as an adult, I've pulled them back out and am using them as a motivation for getting in shape/dieting. I am a member of an equestrian community here on LJ, and so far, it's really helped me to stick to my diet plan. When I hit my goal weight, I'll enroll in riding lessons (english! I can't wait!) and possibly lease a horse so I can ride several times a week. If I can keep up a steady weight loss, should happen within 2 years. I'm hoping that volunteering and being around horses and other large hooved animals will keep the longing sharp, so I can use that to my advantage.

Anyway, enough of that. I'm looking for volunteers for my Anthropology assignment, I'll post details shortly. After homework is done, I am going to sit down and do some painting! (I really mean it this time. :D)


Anatomy Atlas -- I suspect this is intended for medical students, but it provides some invaluable reference for the artist!

Drawing guides and pose reference -- I didn't realize DA allows you to publish 'collections' now, but someone has gone through and collected different poses and tutorials, and published them! Also great reference for the artist!

Additional tutorials and reference material -- Colored pencils, drawing, painting... you name it, there's a link here! Enjoy!

I realize today's links have little interest for non-artists. I'll have something better tomorrow. :D
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