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Daily Post - Thursday

Quote of the Day

"There is no teaching to compare with example." --- Sir Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941); founder of the Boy Scouts


Phew. News. Right. I think I'm getting sick. I have no sinus congestion (Thank you, NyQuil!) but I am developing a nasty cough, and when I'm exercising, my asthmatic wheeze is more pronounced. This has been building the past week, I haven't been feeling my best, and hopefully... it will pass quickly.

I have noticed a trend that companies are watching twitter more closely, and had my own personal experience with that yesterday. About a month ago, roho bought a tee shirt from New Glarus Brewing Company. He wore it once. When I was folding laundry yesterday, I kept finding these long strands of blue thread tangled up and wrapped around everything... and when I got to his tee, I found out why. 3/4 of the hem had unraveled. We have never ever had this problem with a new tee shirt before (he's got several tees that are more hole than fabric, and for that matter, so do I). Unfortunately, I couldn't find an email address on the New Glarus website, so I tweeted about it, hoping to get a response. Within 20 minutes, I had a reply with an email address to write to. They haven't responded to my email yet, but they are now following me on twitter, so if I don't get a reply soon, I can nudge about it.

I have to say... I really think twitter is going to change the way companies interact with their customers, and I think this is awesome. For the first time, companies are able to get a direct line of communication with RandomCustomer01, and have a central place to look for feedback. I love Google, but there's such a poor signal to noise ratio out on the 'net that finding anything is hard. Now, I can search twitter for comments about a company if I need to get additional information. This is awesome!

No new art today, I'm afraid. I will work on getting some artists to showcase for tomorrow. :)

Locals: NEXT Weekend! Watch this space for fennec birthday bonanza planning!


Owl in a Box -- I had some other stuff lined up, but then dracosphynx gave me this link. I love the expressions on the owl's face- very much "I will END you." Very awesome. Also nice to see people being responsible with bird strikes, and seeing that the bird gets proper care. I noticed this person has some lovely zoo photos in her journal as well (and a genet! In the thread!), so I've watched her to see what else is there.

Windows 7 Discounted for Higher Ed -- If you are a student, or you work in higher education, you may be able to get Windows 7 for only $30. Check it out! (link courtesy of roho)

As always, if you have a link or something spiffy you'd like to share, send it over! Have a great day guys!
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