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Daily Post - Tuesday!

Quote of the Day

"The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs." -- Vance Havner (1901-1986); preacher, author


Started new diet today! I'll post more about what I'm doing to the appropriate filter. On today's agenda is laundry, some light cleaning... and I don't know what else. I'm working on updating my bios for the various websites I frequent.. I had hoped to have it finished for this morning, but no such luck. I'll work on that some more today.


New art today!

The image on the right is a nude, and as such is not suitable for viewing in the workplace. So... look with care! :)


The Painting and Drawing channel -- Sponsored by Atelier Interactive Acrylics (which are -awesome!-). Tips on drawing, painting... fascinating stuff! :) I really like the Atelier paints, as an aside. I attended a demo from them, and they really do everything they advertised. I think overall I still prefer gouache, just because the brand I use (M. Graham) is very smooth and easy to use (and acrylics dry so -fast-!), but... it's nice to have options for when I need that extra opacity!

Milieux Costume Images -- I don't recall how I found this, but... it looks incredibly comprehensive! Reference images of historical, science fiction and fantasy-related clothing. Valuable resource for the artist!

Have a great day guys!
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