genet (enveri) wrote,

Quote of the Day:

"The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die." --- Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy (1932 - 2009); United States Senator

I received this quote 5 days before Mr. Kennedy passed away. Seems somehow appropriate.

Art News:

I.. have art to share! I've been working really hard on schoolwork, so work on commissions pretty much stopped. However, I did take a break on Sunday evening to work on a commission for a very dear friend. He wanted a painting he can use for a beer label, and he wanted a centaur. Soooo...

There are a few adjustments left to be made, I put too much feathering around the hooves, but... that's easily fixed.

Current Projects:

Homework... homework... trying to get all my homework done for the week, because this weekend, we're going camping with linnaeus. I am so totally psyched!

So, I should probably get cracking on that. Sooner done, sooner I can play. :)

Nifty things:

Treasure trove of previously undiscovered wildlife found in Papua New Guinea -- The photos attached to this article are amazing! I, like I'm sure many other people, always assume that humanity has wiggled its way into so many remote nooks and crannies of the earth that it's damned near impossible to find something new. I was wrong! (Link courtesy of yotogi)

Have a great day!
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