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Well, yesterday at work wasn't as hideously horrible as Monday, but it was still pretty busy. The biggest problem was that the day time dispatch doesn't seem to be doing any of the next day calls like they should be.

Which leaves a huge mess for the evening shift to clean up. Yesterday when I got to work, I started working on today's dispatches right as I got there - 1pm. I finished on my areas at 9pm. Yup. 7 hours. Then I spent the last 30 minutes of my workday doing CH's dispatches. I'm becoming increasingly annoyed by the attitude displayed by my coworkers - "Oh I'll goof off, someone else will pick up the slack". Or at least, this is what I perceive to be happening.

I'm hesitant to go to my supervisor with this, because 1 - I don't want to be a whiner. I already feel like my bosses look for any excuse they can find to come down hard on me, I don't want to give them fuel. 2 - I may be wrong... and I don't want to cause resentment among my coworkers; since I don't trust my supervisors to keep it quiet that I made a complaint.

Annnnyway. It was a pretty uneventful day other than that.. The system had evidently been up and down a few times yesterday morning, but was stable by the time I went in. It was, however, moving as fast as a glacier in the last ice age. We had to tell several technicians that we couldn't go into their queues because it was literally taking 5 minutes for them to load.

Here's hoping today's better. :P

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