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Daily Post - Catching Up

Apologies for the lack of updates for the past couple of days. I had a lot going on that I needed to think about.

Quote of the Day:

"It often takes more courage to change ones opinion than to keep it." --- Willy Brandt

Art News:

Last night, I discovered clayboard. If the stuff is half as nice to paint on as it is to draw... I really really liked it. So yeah. I'll upload those drawings in a couple of days, I want to scan them before I attempt painting them.

I started work on Tigerwolf's commission, and.... it's already at the stage where I hate how it looks. (Ask any artist, each painting has a stage where it's hideously ugly, and they hate it) So.. we'll see if I can bring it back out of that, or if I need to start over.

I did upload some artwork yesterday, some if it, folks have already seen, some you may not.

The one with the thicker border does contain tasteful nudity, so have care while browsing.

If you have indicated interest in a commission and I haven't given you prices and information where to send the details, please nudge me. I still need a good system for keeping track of work. :(

If you are interested in a commission and haven't talked to me, please do! There is currently a bit of a list, but I'm happy to discuss your desires and we can work something out.

Current Projects:

First day of classes was yesterday, so today is doing a bit of homework, and in general... getting things in order. I need to pick up a couple of things by way of supplies, but mostly I'm pretty set for the semester.

I want to keep researching for a database to make my life easier, I'm thinking I'm going to end up having to create one. Excel just isn't cutting it.

I'm kind of psyched about cooking dinner tonight, we're having one of my favorites. Korean burritos. :9

Nifty things:

I'm running out of cool and nifty things to link to you guys! I'll come up with something for tomorrow. :)

Have a great day!
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