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This morning's weigh in was very very encouraging.

To date, I have lost 30lbs (okay, 26, let's not nitpick) from my starting weight. 10 more lbs, and I start shopping for new clothes... just to see if I can fit into the next smaller size.

Everything seems to be going well.. I think I am going to take advantage of the casual friday dress code and wear a tee shirt to work.... just sitting here in my usual work clothes I feel sweat popping out everywhere. ew.

So, after doing a little victory dance after my weigh in. *ahem*, I went ahead and went through and did something different for breakfast. Weight watchers had a recipe for homemade hashbrowns that was about the same caloric content as the yogurt and cereal I usually have, soo... kitten had those for breakfast. I tried grilling some veggies on the foreman grill, and was quite pleased with the way they turned out; wrapped them and the leftover steak from yesterday in a couple of tortillas and scarfed it down. Mmm. yummy.

The salad we bought last week seems to have mostly gone south, so... instead of taking that with me for dinner tonight, I went ahead and made some tomato soup and packed myself a little baggie of crutons to drop into it. (I like crutons in my soup. Yes, I'm weird)

Cheb will be back in town tonight, and it looks like doing something together tomorow is in the works. Jen has suggested the zoo... and although I'd dearly love to go, I think if that's what they decide on, I'm going to pass. I have $600 in my bank account, and over $500 is accounted for... in outstanding payments. Once they clear, I'm broke kitten again. Ahh well. One day I'll be out of debt. =)

I ran into an old friend on FurryMUCK today, the person who actually introduced me to the muck, and the fandom at large. Small world that it is, he also has a Livejournal.

I need to eat my daily banana (The doctor put me on water pills and wanted me to get a potassium supplement) soonish.. and drink some more water. The water here... isn't palatable without lots and lots of ice. For some reason, when water is very cold, it tends to taste better.

And now, I'm going to go brush my teeth and start working on a shopping list for this weekend... I want to pick up some cucumbers and other light snackables, and get other things for the vegetable soup I want to make this weekend.


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