genet (enveri) wrote,

I just watched a commercial from the Foundation for a Better Life.

A family is at a piano concert, waiting for it to begin, when they realize their little boy has slipped away and is up on stage. He begins to play 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' on the piano, and as the parents watch, mortified, the concert pianist (apparently composer Kurt Bestor) comes out and reaches around the boy and begins to enhance the boy's playing, whispering, 'Don't stop, keep playing!'.

The music created together is beautiful, and the parents sit entranced as their child plays the basic tune while the pianist's fingers coax descants and arpeggios out of the keys, creating a whimsical background for the steady notes of the core melody.

The performance ends with a standing ovation, and Bestor telling the child, 'Good job!'. The tag line to the video is 'Encouragement'.

Besides the obvious emotional tugging, the commercial makes me think of all the encouragement I received in my life. My parents, my husband, teachers... All the times I thought I was alone in some struggle, it was because I didn't see the army of people around me, that are cheering me on, fingers on the keys, providing the expertise I lack to create beautiful music.

Thank you.... all of you.

The commercial can be viewed on Youtube.
Tags: reflection

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